High glycemic fruit?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 03, 2012 at 6:17 PM

I hate low glycemic fruits like berries, apples, pears. I love mangoes, Sapote mamey, pinapple, papayas, bananas, prunes, figs and dates and other high glycemic fruits. Are high glycemic fruits bad for metabolism, insulin or blood sugar?

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on October 03, 2012
at 06:26 PM

The glycemic index is a generalized measure of how much your blood glucose increases when you eat a unit of a certain food, so high-glycemic fruits will necessarily increase your blood sugar (and potentially your insulin response) more than lower-glycemic foods (of the same quantity). The effect an individual food has on your metabolism is probably too complex to say definitively.

That being said, all metrics are useless out of context. It all depends on your goals and your current health conditions. If you're trying to survive on a desolate island, I'd say that you should go bananas on whatever fruit you can find. If you're trying to lose weight while sitting at a desk all day... take it easy on the supersweets, maybe.


on October 03, 2012
at 07:08 PM

Another consideration is the fructose content of the fruit. If the goal is weight loss, avoid all together. If consuming in moderation opt for low fructose/low glycemic fruits. Here is a great reference for you.


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