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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 05, 2013 at 11:37 AM

Im almost 5'11 and always between 145 and 150 lbs,19 years old, and feel like i could definitely benefit from putting on some muscle mass. Anyone have any advice for putting on weight but not having it be fat? What are some good foods to eat, some workout advice, really any good pointers. ps- is coconut butter a good thing to eat if Im trying to build up some muscle? its sooooo good

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on August 05, 2013
at 02:05 PM

I am a Hard gainer. I am a young male. I am very active

6'2" 26 year old male. 145 pds

I am up 5 pds in two months which is alot for me and was a big struggle.

I dont like the way i feel after huge meals and i also dont do dairy, here is what i have been doing.

1) 400-500 cal post workout drink. hemp protein. 20gm of some carby sweet (dates, cocowater, apple) some greens and tasty spices, and avocado or almond butter. I can drink this right after a workout and not feel like i am packing in a meal an hour later.

2) Protein. i dont measure it but i eat a lot of it on a work out day, some at a large breakfast, lighter lunch, big dinner

3)i make dinner my big meal b/c i am going to sleep in a few hours anyway so if i feel a little full and bloated no big deal the day is over and i wake up feelin great.

4) Sleep, i try to get enough. I aim for 8hrs, usually get 7, You are 19 and as such should really aim for 8-9, If i sleep poorly or not long enough i dont work out that day... why bother if my body isnt ready to recover

5) Fat: i dont eat sticks of butter or down gallons of milk. I do eat the skin on the chicken, the whole avocado, and fry potato/veggies, egg, and sweet taters in generous amount of coco oil of lard

6) Carbs, i eat em every day. mostly taters normally sweet, occasional rice, a little at lunch alot at dinner. one or two pieces of fruit when i feel like a snack

7) Cocobutter... I Love it and i love its amazing sweetness with low sugar content. I eat a sweet after dinner, cocobutter+cocao power and/or cinnamon+ pinch of salt = heaven.

This has been working for ME. I hope it might be helpful for you


on August 05, 2013
at 01:42 PM

Have you been trying to put on muscle mass and failing so far? If so, the issue is likely your diet. Most hardgainers (I'm guessing you're in this camp if you are asking about this) simply don't end up eating enough to put on ANY weight, let alone muscle (I'm as guilty of this as anyone else). Try tracking your calories for a few days, see how many you are getting, then take a look at some online weight gain calculators to see how many calories you should be getting each day. You'll likely find the issue lies there.


on August 05, 2013
at 02:32 PM

Great answers! Thanks, what's weird for me is the idea that eating more is healthy, I used to be overweight so I guess that's just a mental thing.



on August 05, 2013
at 11:46 AM

A think this is a useful summary:

The most important thing for recovery and strength gains is to backload calories (more than carbs) after a workout. You need to eat extra food post-workout to promote recovery and muscle synthesis. So I would make every meal balanced in terms of carb-protein-fat, but workout in a relatively fasted state and eat extra food after intense workouts. Eat less on rest days, so you can load up the calories after workouts. Make sure your fats are mostly saturated after workouts – dairy fats are good. The general principle is that carbs, protein, and saturated fat are the most muscle friendly macronutrients. You also want balanced nutrition including micronutrients and extracellular matrix materials like collagen which you can get from joint broth / knuckle bone / ox tail soups. Paul Jaminiet. http://www.humansarenotbroken.com/perfect-health-diet-q-a-with-paul-jaminet/

But to increase muscle mass you need to consistently and progressively overload your muscles, rest, recover and repeat. I.e. if you do 4 sets of pull-ups with 10 each set twice a week. Next time you need to do 11 each set, or do 5 sets, or do it three times a week. I understand it doesn't really matter how you increase the work variable, but you have to increase the work going forward. The best workout plan of course, is the one you can keep to consistently.

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