Answered on November 17, 2016
Created February 07, 2015 at 2:57 AM

Hi everyone.  

I was hoping you could help me. I am addicted to junk and fast foods. I am trying to get into paleo but I cant seem to shake the junk or fast food. What do you suggest I can do that will help? 

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on February 13, 2015
at 11:06 PM

?wo things.

One, these are habits, you have to take active steps to break them. One good way you can interupt a bad habit is whenever you feel yourself slipping and going to get something you shouldn't be eating IMMEDIATELY interupt the habit with something unpleasant, in this instance something like pushups would be good.

So for example, you go to the cabinet to get a cookie, realize you're doing it, drop down and do pushups until you can't anymore, get up and if you still want the cookie then go ahead and have it. Although ideally in that time you would have snapped back to your senses, but the habit in itself should build this ability as you go.

The second tip I have is from personal experience. If you arn't hungry you won't eat. STAY FULL... as much as humanly possible on healthy foods, don't even let yourself get hungry. Long term this may not be wise, but in the short term it can help you abstain until the junk foods are out of your system.

So for example you may want to eat lunch earleir than you normally would and try to eat more than you normally would...of healthy food.


on November 17, 2016
at 07:18 PM

Go cold turkey and get rid of all the bad things in the house. Buy good things to replace them.  If its not in the house, you can't eat it.  For on the road, pack snacks.  Bake paleo breads using coconut flour or almond flour. 


on February 07, 2015
at 02:26 PM


I know how tough it can be  to get rid of your junk food cravings. I had a serious addiction to processed sugar, and other nasty stuff. 

What done it for me was excersize. I pushed myself to get up before work and workout for 30 minutes, usually following a youtube video or something. Once i got into this routine of excersize i started not eating junkfood anymore. I think it was the fact that if i did then i would've wasted what i had earned in the morning working out so i just couldn't do that to myself, if i did i'd make sure i'd get up earlier and workout longer to balance it out... and i didn't really want to do that so junk food practicaly stopped.

The cravings can be quite tough but as soon as you get some drop down and do some push ups, you'll feel pumped and you can blast some out. In my experiance the cravings went away. There's also some realy good snacks out there, bars and things that can satisfy any sugar craving, same thing with fruit. If you're craving munch an apple or some berries. If your body's craving sugar, doesn't matter what kind you give it so might aswell go for the good stuff! 

Hope this helps :)

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