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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created September 26, 2012 at 10:32 PM

So I am interested in a very simple paleo diet that limits food choices for cost and time effectiveness. Here is my plan for eating one main meal per day at dinner:

Coconut oil in the morning along with a multivitamin

Dinner would consist of grassfed beef pemmican, sweet potato, and berries

I have issues digesting vegetables aside from plain tubers so that is my reasoning for this limitation. As far as protein goes is beef pemmican the best source, or should I consider other sources (eggs, fish, etc.)? Also which berries are best? I was thinking cranberries or blueberries.

Lastly, which other supplements should I take beside from a multivitamin in order to fill in all nutrient gaps? I was considering a mineral supplement especially for magnesium and calcium. If I do supplement minerals is there a good multimineral supplement that you could recommend?

Any good advice will be much appreciated. Thanks!



on September 27, 2012
at 05:02 AM

Some people have issues with coconut oil, especially on empty stomach. Friendly advice - make sure you stay at home for an hour or two after taking it, just in case :)



on September 26, 2012
at 10:41 PM

How much weight are you trying to lose? What's the point of eating 1 meal day?

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6 Answers


on September 27, 2012
at 01:04 AM

That sounds awful... Beef pemmican is hard enough to eat once, much less every night. Variety is important in your diet. I don't have time to cook and not a whole lotta money to spend but it's pretty easy once you plan it. Buy a 2 lb chicken from the store once a week and roast it. Put it in a roasting pan with a lid, get one seasoning blend that you enjoy and bake it for an hour. You can do other stuff while it's baking. It takes little time to accomplish. Make sure you carve or clean the chicken from the bone while it's still warm because it's impossible to do when it's cold. Leave the chicken in the fat, it will taste better. I just leave everything in the roasting pan and stick it in the fridge with the lid on it. You can throw sweet potatoes or whatever else you want in with the chicken while it cooks, if you're so inclined. Eat it throughout the week.

Romaine lettuce can't be that hard to digest. Buy one head a week. Chop off 4 leaves at night, rinse and then chop them with a butcher nice. Quick. Throw some balsalmic and some lemon-flavored fish oil (Carlson's brand) and boom, done. (It has a lot more nutrients that people claim...It's a good source of lutein and zeaxanthin which are good for your eyes).

Boil 3 eggs in the morning. Let them boil for 3 minutes and then sit in the water for 10. If you don't have time to peel eggs then buy those crazy contraptions that they sell now that you can crack the egg into and then boil without the shell. Eggies. Take the eggs with you and eat them as a snack throughout the day. Or else eat junk food because you're gonna get hungry and have no options.

Blueberries are the most nutrient dense. Frozen, organic, makes an awesome snack/dessert. Berries are the one thing that should always be organic. Natural Calm for magnesium. Buy a pound of grassfed ground beef for $8, eat twice. Just crumble and pan-fry it then throw it on the romaine with some salsa (and avocados).Mmmm...Mexican salad.

If you have digestive issues you probably need some probiotics. Fermented vegetables (like sauerkraut) contain pro-biotics. Or you could just eat some real yogurt once in a while, or buy probiotic pills. Once you're not eating grains (and yeast) you shouldn't need probiotics very often but I make sure to get some once in a while.

Eat real food! That's the whole point of the diet!!



on September 26, 2012
at 11:13 PM

Including some eggs and oily fish is good, as well as some liver which is nature's multivitamin. For calcium go for bone broth, best vegetable source is nettles (430mg/cup). Magnesium go for citrate as it absorbs much better, multivitamins/minerals usably have oxide of which only 4% absorbs.



on September 27, 2012
at 10:38 AM

You need veges, instead of your multivitamin. Multivitamins can have unhealthy forms of the vitamins, too little or too much of particular kinds. I dont trust them. Find veges you can eat, cooked with methods that make them digestible. Dark leafy greens are the most nutrient dense (Such as spinach, silverbeet, rocket etc). Veges are more important than fruit, despite popular conception.

More different kinds of protein is probably more sustainable. Eggs and fish would add more nutrients too, so yes, good idea. More different kinds of tubers will give you more nutrients too.

As far as berries go, cranberries are a great choice, as are blueberries. Id probably side with the cranberries though, if I had to pick, they have vit k, choline and iodine, which is all pretty darn rare for a fruit. But dont pick, eat both.

If you want cheap, you can get leafy greens cheap, and some meats are pretty cheap from a butcher. tubers are all pretty cheap. Thats really a refinement process, and a sourcing process, rather than a total limiter. There are quite a few threads on this topic, as well as blog posts on the net. Some canned salmon/sardines probably wouldnt hurt for o-3, thats an often mentioned cheap one. You mentioned eggs, also cheap.

As for convenient, there are ways to make that easier, like a slow cooker, boiled eggs, or cooking in batches and freezing etc. There are quite a few threads on this topic, as well as blog posts on the net. I make a big batch of stew every week (which is a good way to use cheap beef cuts). Actually stew is a great way to get food in thats tougher to digest, because the bone broth/stock is gut protective/healing. I have major digestive issues ATM, and stew is a WIN, regarding that.

Some liver is always a good bet for nutrition too. Cheap as.

When I read your question, I am frustrated. Variety in food is what covers your nutrient needs. You cant have such a limited diet, and simply make up for it with a pill IMO. You need more different kinds of foods. Budget can be worked with, so that you are not spending much, but eating more variety/nutrition. Ditch the pill, and eat real food. Just adapt what u can/cant eat and what you can/cant afford over time. Experiment. Look around at the options.

And in terms of time, if your got digestive issues, you want to be spending effort fixing that, and making food thats healing and easier to digest (like stew, broth, or fermented foods). You cant do that without spending time. If you lack time, it might be an area to work on...



on September 27, 2012
at 02:22 AM

I think you're going to get awfully sick of that menu awfully quick. Why not invest in a crock pot, especially one of those larger oval ones that can cook a whole chicken? Nothing beats a crock pot for simple, convenient foods. You can stick whatever you want in there -- plain meat OR meat and potatoes OR meat and veggies OR bone broth. Turn it on and 6-12 hours later you have lots of hot, nutritious food. You can stick the crock part in the fridge and eat off it all week long. And you can make your bone broth in there, too. I'm a single mom and a PhD student, so simple, cheap and easy is my montra. I have something going in the crock pot all winter long.



on September 26, 2012
at 11:02 PM

Try a bit more variety in your protein sources, even if you don't to do a lot of different meats. Maybe you could vary week to week. Personally, I could not do only coconut oil with a multivitamin. The vitamins wold be murder on my stomach with only the oil. I do love coconut oil, though, and also use it as an occasional meal replacement when on the run.


on September 26, 2012
at 10:46 PM

Millennium sports has a good multivitamin and good multimineral that work good together.

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