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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 08, 2013 at 4:23 AM

So, I started using myfitnesspal.com and using it to track my calories from protein, fat and carbs. Based off of a 2,830 daily diet, and what it recommends after some manual tweaking, it says I should keep my Fat at 196 grams, Protein at 220 grams and for Carbs, it shows a daily goal of 73 grams. I'm keeping carbs low because under 100 grams should be good. I do eat very close to Paleo, I eat clean. I am a 5'11" male, 175lbs., 29, and do CrossFit througout the week.

Do these numbers sound right? Should I go lower carb or go higher? Fat, Protein?

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on May 08, 2013
at 11:51 AM

If you are doing Crossfit I would recommend bumping your carbs up. Do some simple carb cycling. On hard days: have say 150-250 grams of carbs. On rest or off days, keep carbs low. Just keep the carbs to primarily pre and post workout. Carbs are not the enemy. I thought so for a long time. But lo and behold, when I gave in and put carbs back into the daily rotation, I've now seen much better performance and my body composition has changed favorably.



on May 08, 2013
at 03:53 PM

Unless you have digestive issues going higher on carbohydrates would probably be helpful. Yet except for those who really train HARD I think it is suggested to keep carbs to max of 150 grams/day.

Your fat and protein values look fine.


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