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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 30, 2011 at 2:57 AM

Has any dealt with Paleo drawing conflict within the home? My husband refuses to read anything I give him on it and what tidbits he does get he scoffs at. I am the grocery shopper and Meal preparer therefore I make everything to MY specifications. IF he wants bread etc he buys it and pairs it with what I cook. No complaints on the food...only complains about the mentality I guess. His bug argument.."IT" CALLED EVOLUTION!"..sigh Feeling unsupported. Got anything for me?



on July 30, 2011
at 03:38 AM

if he does not compromise take away something he enjoys that you provide..........you'll get it.



on July 30, 2011
at 03:18 AM

Has he seen the movie "Fathead"? When the info came from me I think it seemed like nagging. When the info was presented by a comedian in movie format, I could see the light bulb go on, and he seems more supportive now.


on July 30, 2011
at 03:06 AM

I get the same thing from my wife. "Gluten allergy? But you used to eat bread and weren't sick." How did you get introduced to Paleo? Maybe get him into an environment that is paleo friendly. Sometimes they have to hear it from someone else.

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on July 30, 2011
at 03:43 AM

if he doesn't get it, just don't talk about it with him.



on July 30, 2011
at 03:27 AM

As much as I would love my husband to be as committed to this type of eating as I like to think I am, I can only be in charge of myself. I count myself lucky that he eats what I feed him, that he doesn't complain when I tell him "if you want bread, or "fluffly white death" then you have to buy it yourself" and that he is supportive in his own quiet way. I know for me that no one, AND I MEAN NO ONE, can "tell" me anything. I have to find things out by myself in my own time. Knowing that about myself allows me to realize that most other people are like that as well. Some lucky folks take in information and use it more quickly than I do, but many, like myself are more likely to respond slower, in my own time. Allow your husband to see what you are doing and learn through you by YOUR committment, your vibrant health, your shining example. We can only lead the horse to the water.....Best of luck, try not to get too frustrated...and remember, you can only do what yoiu can do...enjoy your husband for who he is and do't let this get in the way of that.


on July 30, 2011
at 04:09 AM

I have to say that my husband is very strict and committed to eating Paleo, and he has kept me eating well too. I really appreciate his persistence and commitment to eating this way and it is something we now do together-cook a meal and eat! Before is was-I cook a casserole or some other unhealthy meal, he would over eat and gain more weight, then blame me for making him fat....and so on. When he hit over 300 lbs. he started doing CrossFit, and THAT kick started the diet change in him, because who wants to work your butt of CrossFitting, only to go home and eat crappy and see no physical benefits of the hard work you put in.

I really believe that Paleo is a manly man's diet! I mean what is better than throwing steak and chicken on the grill every night with some veggies on the side, throw some homemade guacomole on everything.....YUM! That is a man's meal right there!

By the way, my hubby has lost 73 lbs. since January :)



on July 30, 2011
at 04:26 AM

My concessions I have asked for:


Keep the wheat and the meat separate.

Go ahead and make spaghetti, etc... However I will pour my sauce over broccoli / the vegetable.


Ditch all vegetable oils and margarine because it is bad for your heart. Any and all cooking and baking is with light olive oil. (This is a compromise that gets things fairly close.)


I always keep one staple dessert for when everyone else is eating brownies / banana bread etc...


I always cook my own breakfast of eggs and butter.

I do the shopping and buy what others want and even cook what they want. However when I cook the meal has a meat and a vegetable :-) and maybe pasta, bread, rice or potatoes... (I skip on the bread and pasta and sometimes eat the potatoes.

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