Hack My Macros...Please :)

Answered on December 12, 2014
Created December 03, 2014 at 2:28 PM

Did Paleo for about a year, fell off, gained some weight...now back to it and hopefully, for good.

I am a 26yo female, 5'4, 136lbs, unsure of my body fat percentage, but I would estimate between 20-25% based on pictures of what that looks like (I know, lame).

I am lifting about 4-5x a week, cardio about 3-4x a week.

Calorie intake (tracking on My Fitness Pal): 1500

Macros: 60%fat (100g)/25% protein (94g)/ 15% carbs (56g).

Goal: lose 10-15 pounds.

Ultimate goal: To compete in a bikini competition. (not close to this, but I have to get the weight down first).

Main sources of protein: lamb, beef, turkey, chicken, some fish, bacon (!!!!)

Main sources of carb: vegetables, sweet potatoes, black rice

Main sources of fat: butter (kerrygold), avocado, macadamias (although rare), EVOO, coconut oil, cheese - feta, mozz, cheddar (i tolerate cheese very well)


Let me know what you think. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. This is my first week back to paleo(ish) (i know cheese isn't paleo), and I'm tired as normal...I'll get over it soon.

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2 Answers


on December 12, 2014
at 07:16 PM

Offhand your diet, macros, exercise, etc. all look pretty good.  That is a lot of exercise per week, 7-9 workouts per week?  I think it would be really hard to lose weight with that unless you cut back on your calories, in which case your workouts would suffer.

A lot of exercise does not necessarily translate to geting smaller, in fact it can make you bigger.  Your muscles will be bigger and your body will be keeping a bit of extra fat on in anticipation of the next workout.  If you want to lean out while working out a lot I think you'd have to work out A LOT like twice as much as you're doing, or do some serious cardio.  A friend of mine runs marathons on the regular and while he is training he says he usually gains weight up to running about 10-12 miles, but when he's doing the 14-20 mile runs he starts to lose weight.  So running up to 30-40 miles per week he's still gaining weight.

What burns fat is brief, high-intensity exercise, and long, low-intensity exercise.  Cardio doesn't.  If you want to lose fat, change your workouts accordingly.

Not sure how much you are lifting or how intense that exercise is but I do crossfit 3-5x per week and definitely need more carbs.  If I don't have them, my workouts suffer and I constantly crave starchy foods.  I try to have most of my carbs within an hour of a hard workout but I still need them. For me carbs make me gain fat and get bigger unless I'm working out.

Good luck!


on December 12, 2014
at 04:51 PM


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