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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 13, 2012 at 7:04 PM

I started my Paleo diet on November 24, 2011 and followed a very strict whole 30 plan. No dairy, grains, refined sugar up until Christmas. As many people seem to discover on this community I came to the conclusion that I have gluten sensitivity and will actively avoid gluten for the foreseeable future. In addition to feeling great, probably one of the most unanticipated results of eliminating gluten was a decrease in anxiety accompanied by mental clarity (hard to explain). Subsequent to that I have followed a rather strict paleo diet with the introduction of some booze: New Years, Birthday, wife???s birthday, super bowl along with some cheat meals. Since I switched to Paleo diet I have lost 22 pounds since November 24, 2011. I went from 241 pounds to 219 pounds. My strength and endurance have increased dramatically during this time period as I record my WOD results from cross fit.

My Cross Fit Box is doing a Paleo Challenge I would like to maximize the next 30 days.  In addition to going back to a strict whole 30 plan eliminating weekend booze and  weekend cheats meals, I am looking for some advice to maximize the next 30 days.  Here is an example of my workout schedule and eating schedule.  I am open to the idea of fasting, or anything else that has provided powerful results as I would like to lose 10 lbs. in the next 30 days.  Any links to some plans would be much appreciated.  

Typical Exercise Week:

Tuesday ???Friday Cross Fit x4 with Oly Class x2

Weekend: 6 mile run x2 usually Friday afternoon clear the head after work, and again on Sunday.

Weekend: 1.5 hours of Bikram Hot Yoga to stretch everything out.


1 TBS Nutra Sea Fish Oil,
Vitamin C 1000mg, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Multi-Vitamin, Selenium, Magnesium, Max Muscle Protein supplements x1-2x per day

Typical Meal Schedule

Breakfast: Cross Fit empty stomach @ 6:00 am. @ 7 am 3 eggs, 2 slices bacon, 1 protein supplement with almond milk , all vitamin supplements and fish oil

Lunch @ 12:00: I usually have leftovers from the previous night???s dinner with a piece of fruit. I use the Paleo recipe book I got off the whole 30 website. Some reoccurring themes are beef stew, sweet potato paleo Shepard???s pie, coconut curry chicken stir fry. If I am in a pinch I will have carb free dairy free Tokyo Joe???s curry Bowl, or carb free dairy free chipotle bowl.

Snack 2:00 handful mixed nuts

Dinner 6:30 pm: Something from the Paleo recipe book or (pan seared lamb sirloins and green beans can???t get enough of this meal) 8:00 sometimes I will have an additional protein shake supplement with almond milk

9:30 Sleep

Wake: 5:30 am for cross fit

I am looking or any constructive crisitism on the diet exercise progroam or variations of diet, fasting, supplement regime ect. I would really like to maximize the next 30 days and hopefully achieve a 10 lbs. weight loss.



on February 13, 2012
at 09:07 PM

I am interested in incorporating some fasting. Any website recomendations?



on February 13, 2012
at 09:04 PM

I started crossfit in August of 2011. It didn't really start clicking until I changed to a Paleo diet in November. The weight loss, diet and exercise all seem to have this positive feedback effect going on. As I lose more weight the more endurance, strength and speed I gain. The faster I do my workouts the more weight I lose. All tied in with the diet.



on February 13, 2012
at 07:50 PM

Looks pretty hard core....just be sure to rest and recoup if you feel the need. Don't stress if you have to skip a workout.



on February 13, 2012
at 07:14 PM

Good sir, I applaud your efforts. Looks pretty stellar to me. May I ask what you did in the way of exercise and diet before you started crossfit and the challenge?

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on February 13, 2012
at 07:55 PM

That's pretty impressive! I too am fairly new to Paleo (since October) and I have gone from an intense workout schedule to a much more relaxed one. I play soccer about 3-4 times a week, I'll do a short and quick bodyweight resistance circuit at MOST 3 days a week (average twice) which include pushups, pullups, squats, dips, lunges, all the fun stuff! I haven't sprinted all out in the past couple of weeks, but I try and devote 1-2 days for a high intensity max effort sprint outside in the grass or on a walking path by my apartment. I walk for about 1-1.5 hours a days most days at a comfortable pace outside.

I fast once a week for about 36 hours and usually eat about 2 meals a day (breakfast @ 8 and dinner @ 8 when my GF gets home) with copious amounts of green leafy veggies, meat, fish, and eggs. Tea and coffee with heavy whipping cream, red wine and 90 or 99 percent dark chocolate quite frequently. I'll occasionally make a "protein shake" with some Whey Protein Isolate, but I always throw in some greens, coconut milk, blueberries, and MCT oil to increase the fat. My supplements include 3 servings of Fish oil (~2g EPA/DHA), multivitamin, CoQ10, Vitamin D, and a Probiotic.

I must say that recently I have been fortunate enough to volunteer at a place that allows me to get free meats and veggies every week. Plus I have come to the realization that I CANNOT eat Justin's Maple Almond Butter because its just too damned good!! Me and my GF have gone through a jar unflinching. That's my binge =).

Tip: Eat much more green leafy veggies also incorporate other non-starchy veggies. BUT if you are still keeping up that intense exercise you'll definitely have to take down a pretty ridiculous amount of food to keep up. 3 meals plus a snacks everyday and protein supplements are good occasionally but leads me to believe that you are overworking yourself and spending too much time in a stressed state and not adequately de-stressing. I am a strong believe in balance and for every 30 minutes that I "exercise" I thoroughly believe that I MUST at least 1 hour doing something with little to no effort, light yoga, walking, longboarding, whatever floats your boat. That's to allow my mind to rejuvenate and my body to recover. It's essential.

So either eat more starchy carbs and whole foods, or the better solution IMO is to rethink why you are working out 6 days a week with high intensity. Regardless, you will need more whole foods, especially greens and veggies. Also begin to incorporate some intermittent fasting, if that seems undoable, rethink why.

My two cents =)



on February 13, 2012
at 09:07 PM

I am interested in incorporating some fasting. Any website recomendations?



on March 12, 2012
at 09:44 PM

If you're interested in fasting, you might look at Martin Berkham's site, LeanGains.

His protocol is geared more around heavy lifting three or four times per week, so you would probably need to up the food a bit to accommodate your anticipated workout volume. The advantage I see in Leangains vs. some other IF protocols is a daily feeding window that jives well with morning WODs and daily intense exercise. Also, you generally never going without food for 24 hours.

Is your example daily nutrition and workouts your current or anticipated plan? Only you know your body, but if you're planning on ramping up your workout load while dialing in your nutrition, keep a close eye on fatigue levels. It looks like you're planning for proper rest, but adequate muscle recovery and adaptation depend on rest as well as proper loading. Overloading yourself can cause more problems than underloading yourself.

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