Grain and Cheese Cravings

Answered on October 20, 2014
Created October 07, 2014 at 5:54 PM

I've only been Paleo for about 2 weeks now. Breakfast is easy, so is lunch... but when dinner rolls around all I think about is cheese and grains (aka I crave Pizza!!). Anyone have any ideas to help keep me on track?? 

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7 Answers


on October 20, 2014
at 06:37 AM

You might want to see if some resistant starch in the form of cooked, then cooled white rice or white potatoes will help the cravings. I keep a pot of parboiled white rice cooked and in the fridge at all times, so I can reheat portions of it with fat, veggies, and fish or meat. The resistant starch created by cooling the cooked rice will help you increase your fat burning without spiking up an insulin response like freshly cooked rice would.

Here is an easy smoked oysters and rice recipe which has a cheesy taste flavored by nutritional yeast flakes which are pretty "cheese-like" in taste.


on October 12, 2014
at 05:57 PM

 Another way to look at this is that people often go "80/20" paleo - in other words, they eat paleo 80% of the time, and "cheat" 20% of the time.

The extent to which this will work for you depends on a few things:

If you are gluten-sensitive, you probably want to seek out gluten-free alternatives.

Some people do better with the ability to "cheat"; others do better with a more cold-turkey approach This is a "know thyself" thing.

If you're using paleo as a way to lose weight, the fewer cheats you do to start out, the better. There's also a school of thought that encourages more of a total detox the first month of paleo (like Whole30) and then reintroducing some other foods later. Ultimately you need to do what feels best for you, whether that's approximating pizza, forgoing it entirely, or induling every once in a while.

But, boy, do I feel your pain! About two weeks into paleo, my Bon Appetit magazine showed up with the most gorgeous picture of pizza on the cover, and I was, like, COME ON!

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on October 11, 2014
at 09:44 PM

Of course, when you start any new diet there will always be cravings for certain things that you were accustomed to eating before, especially in the beginning! But don't worry, as these powerful cravings should pass eventually. If cheese and grains were your favorite foods before, the key is to find a suitable and satisfying replacement, which can only be done by trying different things until your taste buds are 'happy :) Although there are substitutes available for foods like cheese, just because they may say 'dairy-free', I'm not sure if they're actually considered "paleo friendly"? Whatever you do, just stick to the plan and soon enough you'll be glad that you did! 



on October 10, 2014
at 01:31 AM

Take some chromium picolonate.  It helps suppress sugar cravings.

How much protein do you eat?  Protein is sating, because the body digests it so slowly.

Judging by your profile pic, you appear to be a woman, so I'll ask if you've ever been tested for candida. Those buggers crave simple carbs. 

Are you drinking bone broth?  The gelatin helps reline the intestines with their normal protective coating of mucus, which, in turn, helps keep chyme and fecal matter in the lumen, where such stuff belongs.


on October 07, 2014
at 07:36 PM

If you're low-carb you could just eat the cheese and be just fine, but judging from the comments you seem to eat rice so I guess you're not low-carb so in that case, there really isn't much difference between rice and wheat in terms of their fattening effect. So don't expect rice to be magically better for weight loss, it isn't.

What I would do is make a low-carb "pizza" using (1/4" sliced) eggplant, mozzarella cheese and (no-sugar-added/low-carb) tomato sauce with some mushrooms, olives or peppers on top. Plus a bit of parmesan. It's pretty good and it comes out kind of like this: 



on October 07, 2014
at 06:21 PM

I don't have any real suggestions for you, just wanted to let you know that I totally get where you are coming from! I can be having a great week on plan and then my husband suggests pizza and it was like I was never Paleo.  Interested to see what everyone says!

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on October 07, 2014
at 06:36 PM

My boyfriend is basically the furthest thing from paleo, so that doesn't help me much. I tried eating 2 tablespoons of plain white rice with my lunch (chicken breast and broccoli) and so far I'm not craving any other grains. I know rice can be acceptable in moderation, so hopefully it'll help. 

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on October 07, 2014
at 08:47 PM

I don't think there is some "secret" answer to staying on track.


But if you are looking for some alternatives for pizza I like doing "MINI PITA PIZZAS"

Grab a pack of mini pitas, some all natural tomoatto sauce, cheese, and whatever veggies you like.


Seeing as how the bread is your main problem this is a decent allternative until you are able to completely cut it out!!

Honestly just eating thin crust is better for you. When my family orders pizza for the kids, my mom always orders a "thin crust veggie lovers"

My last thought is just don't worry about it. Pizza once a week isn't going to kill you.

If you give in one night, just forget about it and try again the next day!!







on October 09, 2014
at 09:54 PM

Minus one because I don't think you got the main point here.  The OP wants to avoid GRAINS and CHEESE.  Mini pitas are still made of GRAIN and cheese is still cheese.  Hello?

Feeding a craving with a smaller amount of food you wish to avoid doesn't solve anything, it just perpetuates the cravings. 



on October 08, 2014
at 10:46 AM

You know, there are some really great gluten free, grain free crusts out there - for example made from tapioca, there's no need to cave and give in by eating pita bread, which is also made from wheat flour.  The brand I use is Chebe and it's quite passable.

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