Going Camping! Food Suggestions?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 16, 2013 at 4:29 PM

I'm going camping for 4 to 5 days in Telluride next week. I want to make sure that besides booze that I stick to Paleo eating as close as possible. So far I have thought of bringing beef jerky, sweet potatoes, fruit, some veggies, banana chips, nuts, and some meat and eggs that will fit in the cooler. I will have a portable stove to cook with. Any advice for snacking foods, or just good Paleo camping food in general? I want to do my best to steer clear of the s'more and hot dog diet that my fellow campers will be eating. Thanks!


on July 16, 2013
at 07:09 PM

Rice cakes? Met-Rx 42g RTD protein shakes? Is this a joke?


on July 16, 2013
at 07:08 PM

Best advice for snacking......don't.

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on July 16, 2013
at 12:25 PM

I'm a big fan of cooking up some veggie and meat kabobs before the trip. I don't mind eating them cold and they are perfect for grabbing and eating with your hands and no plate. Have fun!



on July 15, 2013
at 11:30 PM

Are you going to be able to keep things in a cooler? If so, you shouldn't have too hard of a time. Any pre-prepped veggies, meats that you can cook over the fire (or pre-cook and warm up), hard-boiled eggs, and paleo snacks like fruit, nuts, seeds, etc.

If you're not going to have a cooler, things get a bit trickier. When we do longer-term camping without access to a cooler, I slip on paleo but absolutely stay gluten-free and try to avoid pre-processed stuff as much as possible. Homemade instant oats with nuts and dried fruit becomes breakfast, potatoes and sweet potatoes are cooled in coals, seeds and jerky, and rehydrated rice, meat, and veggie combo dishes make up the bulk of my food. I buy dehydrated meat and dehydrated veg bits separately, buy rice, figure out some seasoning combos, and try to have a few differnet kinds packed in ziplocs. Just add hot water. You could go with things like jerky, pemmican, cooked and raw veg that don't need refrig- it just takes more prep work.

Have fun!


on June 17, 2013
at 01:40 AM

Nuts. Jerky. canned tuna. tinned sardines. canned chicken. rice cakes. Quest bars. Met-Rx 42g RTD protein shakes.

Make a good anti-oxidant rich trail mix for what you might be lacking in fresh fruit/veg while there. Something like goji berries, almonds, pistachios, dark chocolate, dried blueberries, etc.


on July 16, 2013
at 07:09 PM

Rice cakes? Met-Rx 42g RTD protein shakes? Is this a joke?



on June 16, 2013
at 08:41 PM

coconut butter, nut butters, homemade bars, trail mix, coconut water, cans of tuna/salmon/sardines.



on June 16, 2013
at 06:01 PM

coconut oil, avocado.



on June 16, 2013
at 05:55 PM

When i went camping last month i took: Bacon, eggs, mushrooms, beef jerky and pre-cooked chicken cooked in herbs which i re heated on a fire!! Hope that gives you some ideas?!


on July 16, 2013
at 05:51 PM

If you will be talking a cooler, pots and other cook supplies, you can slice or chop some sweet potatoes, onion and green and red pepper to add to ground beef. Throw in some yummy seasonings and you are good to go. If you will be at the campground for a few hours, make a stew with grass fed beef chunks, tomato, onion, pepper and sweet potato. Throw in some garlic, bay leaf, oregano and thyme. Another idea is if you can find chorizo without corn syrup added, throw chorizo, onion, sweet potato and green pepper in some heavy foil and throw it on the fire. This makes a good choice if you do not want to take pots and pans with you. I have also cooked meat chili on the fire as well. Good luck and have fun.


on July 16, 2013
at 05:11 PM

homemade bacon bits to eat or sprinkle on other foods like canned/tinned oily fish



on July 16, 2013
at 05:04 PM

I just got back from a very successful camping trip. Bacon, sausages and eggs of course. We also had pork chops and steaks. For no-cook foods I had nuts and did some baking with coconut and almond flours. My go-to for instant energy was sugar-free homemade macaroons and pumpkin muffins made with coconut flour. Not sure if this is strictly paleo but really needed to have something pre-prepared. Plenty of water and it was all good! Didn't even want the smores! Best of luck to you...enjoy your trip!



on July 01, 2013
at 07:11 PM

My last trip I made a batch of dark chocolate candy bars that were really good and calorie dense.

1-2 85% Dark Chocolate bars
Sunflower Kernels
Unsweetened Coconut flakes

1) Pulse the almonds in a blender/ food processor to a chunky mealy consistency
2) Melt the chocolate in a large bowl and mix in equal parts of the other 3 ingredients until your mixture goes from mostly wet to slightly dry
3) Line a loaf pan or baking dish with parchment paper and pack the mixture tightly into the pan
4) Cover and place in freezer overnight
5) Cut into individual portions and wrap in parchment paper or ziplock bags

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