Gastric Cancer Treatment and Cure

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Gastric cancer treatment is a set of methods applied or executed to get rid of cancerous growth and is also useful to keep consequences of abnormal cell-growth under control. Gastric cancer cure is also useful to avoid or minimize possibilities of gastric cancer recurrence. Timely treatment assures better recovery and high life expectancy for a victim. Cure should be supported by proper post-cure care in order to avoid health issues that may arise due to aggressiveness of treatment undergone.

Gastric Cancer Treatment ??? Aspects and Techniques

Gastric cancer is a metastatic and fatal kind of disorder and needs to be tackled with proper and timely execution of right form of gastric cancer cure. Physical and mental abilities of the victim should be considered thoroughly before recommending a certain kind of treatment. Some treatments are lenient and have less side-effects while some others are quite harsh and cause serious side-effects in long-run. Intensity of treatment is generally low in initial stages and high in the final ones.

Gastric cancer survival rate is not very good in advanced stages. A person has about 50-70% chances of survival in the initial stages which goes down steeply to mere 4% in the fourth stage. In the second stage, approximate life expectancy is between 33-45% while third stage survival rate is just 9-20%. Hence, proper gastric cancer cure is extremely vital for better gastric cancer life expectancy. This survival rate may further decrease in people suffering from recurrent phase. Also, the methods of treating recurrent tumors are usually harsher in comparison to those used to eliminate tumors occurring for first-time.

Treatment for gastric cancer depends upon a variety of factors like age, sex, medical history, gastric cancer stage etc. the disorder is highly common in people beyond 40 years and risk of infection increases with increase in age. According to statistical reports, men have been more prone to stomach cancer as compared to women. All such factors need to be given due importance while planning cure for the victim.

Main Gastric Cancer Treatments

As usual with most forms of cancers, surgery is the most feasible and best suitable method to get rid of cancerous growth in initial gastric cancer stages. Subtotal gastrectomy is a kind of local resection useful to remove only the infected part of stomach and lymph nodes located nearby (in case they are infected). In a few cases, spleen may also be removed. Gastrotectomy can also be undergone to remove full stomach, in case infection has spread to majority of areas. Other vital organs like spleen, esophagus, and small intestine along with nearby lymph nodes can also be removed in the process. Endoluminal stent placement, gastrojejunostomy, and endoluminal laser therapy are some other vital surgical methods.

Chemotherapy is effective as a gastric cancer cure in advanced stages and tumors are tackled by intake of certain medically recommended chemical drugs or treating the tumors directly with chemicals. Some may also undergo radiation therapy where killing tumors by exposure to radiations is a feasible and suitable option. Other treatment options like immunotherapy and targeted therapy are also used for gastric cancer treatment. Immunotherapy focuses on making immune system of the victim strong while targeted therapy is useful to treat only the infected portion without causing any major damage to nearby healthy tissues.

Gastric cancer treatments have to be taken after proper gastric cancer diagnosis. Expert medical advice and thorough medical attention is the backbone of reliable treatment and proper after-cure care should be undergone in order to gain maximum benefits from gastric cancer cure.



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