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Asked on February 29, 2016
Created November 03, 2015 at 1:01 AM

Hey guys!

So I came across a post on this site where the woman was doing Keto diet and expressing concern that her breasts kept growing.  Many users commented saying they found similar results as well as developing more womenly figures.

I was wondering if this is just from exersize and eating Keto?

Some mentioned "IF"? I have no clue what that is.

I have a hormonal balance, I have horrible acne on both sides of my chin, and the right jawline.  I am going to start drinking bone broth daily to help this, and that's how I came across this site.

I am 22, 5'4", 105-110 lbs.  My breasts are small but I was hoping they would grow once my hormones are in check. 

So I am not concerned with weight loss.  I do lift weights and exersize to gain weight not to lose it.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?


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2 Answers


on November 04, 2015
at 04:10 PM

what i would do, is get a full hormonal panel(costs maybe 150),all hormones.. not just estrogen.. +vitamin d. then you know exactly whats going worng. in the mean time you can cut out all dairy,

supplement 1000 iu of vitmain d per 25 pounds of bodys weight( so in your case 5000)

supplement with DIM, its a estrogen blocker that gets rid of the bad estrogens and promotes the good ones. totaly safe and very effective

And lastley if you have the money get a bottle of Fermented cod liver oil and take a tsp a day ( high in actual vitamin A) again very effective.

also to help the current acne heal up, you should also supplemnt with zinc, 50mg a day for about a month

hope this helps


on November 04, 2015
at 03:01 PM

cut out dairy and you will see your acne virtually disappear. I've kept proactive in business since 2002 and I finally cut dairy last month. Within a week there was a huge noticeable difference.

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