Endurance training and Paleo Diet

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 07, 2011 at 2:52 PM

I am a Paleo eater of 4+ months and love it! I am currently training for a 2 day double-century bike ride (200miles in 2 days). I only ride on the weekends and do crossfit style workouts during the week.

I am really trying to stay Paleo even on the bike for 7+hours. Any good recommendations for on the bike Paleo fuel?

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5 Answers



on July 01, 2011
at 03:58 AM

Find out before the event what works for you. Try things on rides now.


on June 17, 2011
at 01:49 AM

Coconut water, if you want to stay strickly paleo.(its expensive but supper tasty, and has a ton of eltrolites) also rasins are good b/c of high glycimic load and are basic, so they combat the drop in low PH that happens with intense exercise. not sure what for but traditional recommendation would be BCAA, which the paleo equivalent would be egg whites, but i don't see them being eaten on a bike with ease. (maybe hard-boiled and then with the yolks pre-removed...?)

those three would have your carbs/protein/fluids/electrolights covered.



on June 07, 2011
at 03:07 PM

I think dates are good, too. In the form of larabars.



on June 07, 2011
at 03:03 PM

Coconut oil. Start introducing it very slowly if it's new to you. (1 teaspoon at the most to start). Some people get nauseated from it. But it will give you some serious energy to burn if you can work up to a couple tablespoons.



on June 07, 2011
at 03:00 PM


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