Eating the same wrong?

Answered on June 07, 2016
Created December 07, 2015 at 11:26 AM

Hey there!
I read on various places that eating the same thing every day is very wrong (not on paleo pages tho).

For breakfast I usually have ghee, 3 eggs, some shrimps and cherry tomatoes.
For lunch I have ghee, chicken breast, broccoli, cherry tomates, olive oil and a handful of blueberries.
Later i the day I have half an avocado and in the evening a plain joghurt (not paleo, but primal). If I'm still hungry, I will eat more (whatever I feel like, usually more avocado, any fruit or veggies I like, nuts etc.). I also have some fish oil capsules a day. When I don't feel like eating chicken, I eat ground beef or liver, sometimes salmon.

This is all my favorite food and it feels healthy for me. But do I put myself in danger of getting allergies by eating the same everyday or am I missing out on something? It's just so much easier to know what you're going to eat and not think about it anymore!

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on December 10, 2015
at 05:28 AM

So I haven't really looked into the whole "Eating a ton of eggs will make you allergic" thing... I've definitely been through long periods of time where I've relied on them for breakfasts, too, and I'm definitely not allergic.

But anyway, to answer your question! Variety is good mainly because it allows the nutrients we're getting to balance out. There are tons of foods with their own unique benefits that you might miss out on if you're eating the same thing almost every day.

With veggies variety is especially important, because that way you're avoiding building up lots of the same anti-nutrients but you're still getting a lot of the benefits. For example, from what I've read, constantly eating brassicas (like broccoli) may not be a good idea because those vegetables in large quantities disrupt the thyroid. Which is too bad because I could totally eat broccoli and brussels sprouts daily :D

Maybe you could ease into adding more variety by planning out a single week, and repeating? That'll solve the problem of agonizing over what to make each night! Another thing is finding recipes that are easy to swap certain ingredients out for.

I understand though-- staples and fallbacks are EXCELLENT to have and figuring out mine has been helping quite a bit with consistently making food. Having your go-to meals is definitely not a bad thing.



on June 07, 2016
at 09:27 AM

It is imporant to eat right food at right time. Manage your time of eating. Add good nutritional food on your plan.

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