Does anyone in this community receive regular Chiropractic care, and what are some thoughts about corrective Chiropractic work and how it fits into the paleo lifestyle?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 29, 2011 at 3:42 PM

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Paleo and Chiropractors

Chiropractic and manual spinal adjustments, although misunderstood by many folks, have been around for millenia and have been wonderful ways to help humans of all ages function and heal optimally. I have found that regular corrective spinal adjustments are an outstanding compliment for myself and my patients who are also living a wellness/paleo lifestyle. It has helped many people who otherwise are eating/moving/thinking like our ancestors who need additional help addressing the cause of sub-optimal bio-mechanical and nervous system function. My question is what are some of your thoughts on how chiropractic fits into the paleo-lifestyle, and how many folks are seeing a chiropractor regularly to stay healthy?



on March 29, 2011
at 05:38 PM

The Alexander Technique points the way

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on March 29, 2011
at 04:15 PM

My whole family sees our chiropractor regularly. I don't really know how it fits into a paleo lifestyle, but it fits into our active and healthy lifestyle. It really helped me through my pregnancy and breastfeeding/new mom posture!

I think chiropractic care is like everything else, you need to find a chiropractor that fits with your lifestyle. Our chiro is great! Our son just loves going - and it has helped my partner with chronic neck pain.

Our chiropractic office also has a couple of massage therapists and a naturopath (who was actually the first person who mentioned Mark Sisson's website to me)



on March 29, 2011
at 04:52 PM

I could not function without my chiropractor. I have had whiplash in the past, so I go once a month for an adjustment. I think that it keeps everything in proper balance from head to toe. I also take my kids. Everytime I take them, their alignment is completely off (visible to me). Once she has adjusted, they are good as new. Chiropractic Care is good for many ailments and I highly suggest it. Paleo, probably not, but I don't think that we are about determining whether things happened way back when, but whether they are beneficial to us today.


on March 29, 2011
at 04:28 PM

I think some chiropractic tenets are unsupported by mainstream science, but it is a well-supported treatment for neuromusculoskeletal disorders. I see one once a year because of side effects from my computer job. If it works for other people for other things, more power to them, but my insurance won't cover it for those things because the science isn't there yet.

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