Does anyone crave butter or oils when first starting Paleo?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 16, 2012 at 1:05 PM

Is this a sign that I am missing something in my eating plan? Lately butter and other fats taste better than sweets did and this scares me. (Possibly do to the fact that I'm still working on getting past the (* Natural fats are bad for you belief*)

I have two eggs in the morning with 3 slices bacon or on alternating morning a half of grapefruit. Will be changing the 2 eggs and grapefruit mornings to omletes on Friday. Grapefruits are starting to taste out of season, drier.

Lunch I have a spinach salad with bell peppers, cuccumber, radish, a few olives, cherry tomatoes, and my own dressing made from olive oil, braggs raw apple cider vinegar, and some italian herbs. No sugar no salt in my dressing. And some canned salmon.

Supper is porkchops, or turkey wings or thighs on the grill with shrimp, or chicken on the grill, or lean hamburger patty and cottage cheese. Each meal has the lunch salad with it but smaller and no salmon.

If I snack I try to stick to nuts, veggies or a piece of fruit. So am I getting enough fat or is this why I'm craving butter and oils lately?

I tried to get coconut oil when I went shopping last week, they where out, hopefully they will have it in stock tomorrow when I go.




on May 16, 2012
at 03:24 PM

Just the way the grass feed beef came proceesed, so thats how we eat it.



on May 16, 2012
at 03:11 PM

Why a lean hamburger patty?



on May 16, 2012
at 01:59 PM

Go for the fats. Grass fed butter, ghee, coconut oil, avocados... you really can't go wrong. I eat lots of all of the above and my labs have only gotten better and I am fuller and satiated longer. As you said, you are working on getting past the natural fats being bad for you think. Keep at it, you'll be happier once you do. ;-)

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2 Answers



on May 16, 2012
at 01:36 PM

I was getting at least 70% of my calories from fat during my weight loss phase, and I am sure the percentage is still high, which leads me to believe that your new cravings are right and good, and the sort of cravings our paleolithic ancestors had. Butter, especially that wonderful grassfed, pastured butter seems better to me than coconut oil. Maybe we actually need cholesterol.


on May 16, 2012
at 04:53 PM

Eat the fat! I say when your body is asking for clean, natural foods, give it what its asking for. Get FULL and satisfied at meal times and ditch the snacks.

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