Do you use visualization to aid in your Paleo lifestyle?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 18, 2011 at 9:07 PM

Do you use visualization to aid in your Paleo lifestyle?

Imagine if you will not having a refrigerator nor any money in which to buy food stuffs that come from all over the globe. What would you do if you could not get your hands on store bought food stuffs?

Id bet that for most of you, the first 24 hours you would eat, nothing. The next 24 hours will have you looking, but not finding any fruits or vegetables because as they say, potatoes do not grow on trees.

Did you go look for potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, apples, oranges, bananas, brown rice, whole wheat, oats, avocados, nuts, berries, etc?? Bet you didn't find any that were not rotten as it is almost the end of December in North America.

Unless you want to die, Id be willing to bet that after a max of 72 hours you decide, your going to kill and eat SOMETHING. The longer the time, that something becomes anything. Squirrel, Deer, Mouse, Rat, Raccoon, Possum, Cat, Dog, Elk, Moose, Chipmunk, Snake, Cow, Pig, Chicken, Turkey, Crow or other birds.

After you actually have to move your own body in order to capture/kill/clean/cook something what will you do? Ill bet you will do it all over again, as you will be waiting at least 5 MONTHS!!! until Vegetables\Fruits will even begin to start growing again.

72hrs in and your in ketosis. Ill also bet that you will continue to be in ketosis for at least the next 5 months if not longer. Ill also guarantee that you lose bodyfat, yes even that last 5 lbs you can't seem to lose no matter how many meals you consume or how long you spend on a treadmill.



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Good point Sara. I was hoping for a badge for retagging it but no luck :( Bill, let me know if the microwave was significant.



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Where does the visualisation come in?



on December 18, 2011
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Seems very similar to what i was wondering

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on December 18, 2011
at 11:32 PM

As can happen, Bill, my visualization is completely different BECAUSE WE AREN'T ALL THE SAME.

First, I'd stuff myself on as much of my fresh food as I possibly could, since I might be fasting for a while afterward. I always have a ton of fresh fruit and vegetables, not to mention dried fruit, so it would take me a week or so to run out of fresh food and I estimate with the canned meat, etc., that I have that would be at least another week's worth.

During the 2 weeks that I was using up the provisions on hand, here in the very southern tip of Nevada I am thankfully surrounded by abundant plant and animal life. Despite being a desert, we are on the banks of the Colorado and even the arid desert pieces have lots of edible plants and animals.

I guess I'm just really smart to live in a place that hardly ever has a temperature as low as 40, right? Next summer would be pretty harsh, though. :-))

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