Do you measure your calories when RAW or COOKED?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 31, 2013 at 5:55 PM

I am wanting to bulk up a bit so i was wondering if you guys measure your calories raw or cooked?

What i mean is when you cook rice for example, the rice would be heavier after being cooked as the water absorbed would make the rice weigh more. So if i was to measure calories for rice, would i measure it when raw or cooked?

Also when i research lamb ground meat on self nutrition, it has the same values for ground lamb raw and cooked, as you cook, the weight of a particular food can increase or decrease therefore when you do go research how many calories you have eaten, which option will i select to find out total calories for that meal?

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on May 31, 2013
at 06:24 PM

You are confusing calories (a unit of energy) and weight (a unit of mass).

Short answer -- don't count calories. If you want to bulk up, eat more than you need and eat even if you are not hungry. If you want to loose weight eat Hara hachi bu -- until 80% full -- and only eat when you are hungry.

Longer answer:

When you cook food, the technique and medium used will determine how many calories are removed from or added to the food.

For your two examples: If one cup of raw rice has x calories, and doubles when cooked in water, than two cups of cooked rice would still have x calories (minus some loss to the environment, but we can ignore that for now).

So when the rice package says, 1 cup (uncooked) is 200 calories. Then your cooked rice will have 200 calories (even if it's 2 cups cooked). The only caveat is that if you cook in broth or fat you will add calories.

Lamb is different. If you were to cook lamb on the grill, you will loose fat from teh lamb -- thus changing the amount of calories. Whereas if you cook lamb in olive oil you will be adding some fat to the lamb (you will also be loosing some).



on May 31, 2013
at 10:06 PM

If you want to gain weight or as gym rats call it bulk up, then I would focus on eating naturally high calorie foods like Coconut oil, coconut butters and,nut butters. Pour tons of Extra virgin olive oil, butter, macadamia oil, lard, duck fat, avocado oils on starches like white potatoes, white rice and eat adequate amounts of protein. You can only eat and assimilate so much protein in a day. So you need to get calories from other sources, both fat AND carbs together. In other words eat a balanced macronutrient paleo plan. You will gain weight slowly over time. Good luck. I hope you reach and surpass your goals.

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