CRIES FOR HELP!!! How to gain weight (muscle)!! Crossfit & Paleo

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 08, 2013 at 8:44 PM

Hello everyone! I've been Crossfiting & strict Paleoing for 3 months now. I've been weightlifting for 4 years, but now i've completely turned to crossfit only. I am 1.88cm in height and now weighing 78kgs. My maximum weight was 85kg so that means i've lost about 7kg doing Paleo and crossfit in a period of 3 months!! HELP!!! I've become stronger and leaner but loosing weight is freaking me out. I've been mastering my diet adding plenty on fats and some sweet potatoes, but it seems like that isn't enough. Friends and family notice the difference and keep telling me to stop this "nonsense". I can't go back now, i feel so good on paleo, how could i ever start eating anything else!! PLEASE ANY ADVICE IS MORE THAN WELCOME!! CRIES FOR HELP!!!!

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on June 08, 2013
at 09:22 PM

Your friends and family are telling you to stop the nonsense. Dude, or dudette, stop the nonsense. Exercise less. Eat more. Stop trolling. Never create another account in which you use the username Crazy. Because that is just nonsense. And you should stop the nonsense.


on June 08, 2013
at 08:59 PM

Use the search function. There are plenty of questions pertaining to gaining muscle.

Also, do you know how many calories you are taking in?

If the answer is no, stop complaining.

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