Cravings, how do you deal with them?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 16, 2013 at 5:04 AM

I'm curious, especially if you are doing a low-carb version of paleo, how do you deal with the initial carb cravings? I've gone low carb before and seemed to get through it much more easily than I am this time around. I am sick with infectious colitis and went on a carb binge because I had that attitude of "I'm sick and I can eat what I want, because I'm sick that's why." (you can just imagine how my stomach felt about that 30 minutes later...) I feel like I've caused a great setback for myself. I also seem to be struggling a lot with gut issues recently. I have CFS and also candida and leaky gut (both long standing issues). I've tried bringing raw dairy products into my diet to help ( I know, not paleo) as well as fermented veggies and strong probiotics, but it seems as though since doing that my GI tract is more sensitive than ever and I am persistently getting GI tract infections. (I just had infectious colitis a month and a half ago, already have it once again) Should I cool off on eating some of these foods until the candida is more under control? And what advice do you guys have for cravings, what has helped you? I've tried EFT, but it hasn't helped much so far. I also try to create low carb versions of certain desserts to try and curb my cravings for sugar and grains, it certainly works sometimes but not always.

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on July 16, 2013
at 06:28 AM

I found mine went after 21 days (day 21 was worst day of all). I also took glutamine after lunch in water and chronium tablets which apparently stop cravings although may just have been a placebo effect. I lost all desire for sweets now. Even last night when the 3 boys after their very paleo steaks were eating some awful marsh mallows with barbecue melted chocolate I did not want it.

I also in the past have come off all processed foods and sugars by eating lots of nuts and raisins instead although longer term I have had to stop that as I want to lose weight and was eating 1000 calorie bags of that after lunch. That did however remove the cravings for chocolate and I felt clean and food (but still fat).

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