Could you recommend a rosacean/perioral dermatitis protocol?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 29, 2013 at 8:45 AM

I am 38 years old, am nursing a five month old and have experienced daily heat in my face since i was about 17. I think there is a gut connection as i can remember the facial flushing really kicking in after my stomach acid went mad and my doctor prescribed Zantac that i had to take regularly.

At the moment i am trying very hard (succeeding about 90%) to stick to a paleo diet. I find nuts are a no go, they seem to make me hot, but so does too many carbs/sugar hence me doing Paleo.

I don't drink and caffeine, its either herbal tea or peppermint as i find tea and coffee are terrible for my flushing, alcohol too.

I am considering taking a l-glutamine supplement but as its so expensive i want to check its the right thing for me to take.

My perioral dermatitis started during my pregnancy, its pretty mild so i'm pretty much on top of it by eating carefully.

I also find that when i flush i am absolutely knackered and my eyes look so glassy, anyone relate to that?

Anyhoo really looking forward to reading this site for tips and tricks,

Thank you



on April 29, 2013
at 09:36 AM

One more test to do is SIBO (3 hour lactulose methane/hydrogen). It is different from the stool testing, it shows that bacteria lives in your small intestine (and it shouldn't be there).



on April 29, 2013
at 09:35 AM

I would start by doing a DNA stool analysis by Metametrix, followed by extended blood work for immunity and parasites and, if you do not find the cause, look into other testing. I would like to warn you against taking L-glutamine because, no matter how good it is, you need to figure out the root cause rather than mask the symptoms. Good luck!

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on May 01, 2013
at 07:01 AM

I would look into a developed gluten intolerance. Since tests can be inconclusive, the easiest thing to do is cut it out completely for a few weeks and see what happens. I did, and noticed a big difference in less than a week. Hopefully you still are not taking Zantac since its side effects over time include eye and skin problems. Good luck and God bless.



on May 30, 2013
at 01:33 AM

Have you had your D3 level checked? I've noticed that folk with high A, low D can have a similar reaction.


on April 29, 2013
at 11:46 PM

ah gees... another poor fellow sufferer of these irky skin problems. Sorry to hear. It does sound like you have 2 different problems here, the chronic flushing and the PD. I don't have any experience with the flushing but I have heard that it's very common for females to develop PD through pregnancy with your hormones changing. So you're doing the right thing by eating well as keeping those hormones in balance will help. Although my PD was cleared up through antibiotics, I would never recommend anything like this to a pregnant lady (nor to any other unless they are at wits end like I was). If you can afford some testing as VB suggested, I'd say go down that route because that's one thing I wish I did know, was what was going on in my gut which I don't think I'll ever know now since the antibiotics just wiped it out. I'm now just focusing on stress reduction and building up my gut flora again.

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