Constipation- after sibo, now on paleo diet

Commented on September 04, 2015
Created September 03, 2015 at 4:45 AM

Okay, long story short- I had sibo symptoms for about a year and was told I have IBS. Finally found a DR that would test me for SIBO, and i was off the chart positive. Went on a 14 day antibiotic to clear it. The my doctor wanted to address my acid reflux. He put me on 80mg a day of omeprozol and I'm supposed to have an endoscopy done in a few weeks to find if its acid reflux or an allergy, but this gave me terrible gas and bloating and diharrea. I stopped taking it and am waiting until he gets back from vacation to discuss it. But since I stopped taking it my constipation has returned... its been almost a week since I've gone to the bathroom. I feel like I am doing all the right things- paleo diet, started taking a probiotic, drinking magnesium (natrual calm), lots of h20. I started reading about low stomach acid and maybe this could have something to do with it since he made me take the omeprozol? It makes sense that with no stomach acid my body wouldnt properly digest the food I'm eating? Anyway, anyone have a similar experience? Anyone see something I'm missing? Like I said, I'm eating really good, lots of water, probiotic, apple cider vinegar about 1tsp before meals (for the last two days), and still no changes. I'm desperate! Send help.

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on September 04, 2015
at 09:04 PM

I remember asking a question about PPIs here on Paleohacks and all the answers came back as "don't take it".

Well, I trusted my doctor (he put me on it) over Paleohacks and kept taking it. Not sure what was the exact thing I took, but I know I took omeprozol among other PPIs as well. It did wreck havoc on my system and now, three years later, I am still recovering from it. So my advice - do not take any PPIs or any antiacids.

I had SIBO (constipation), and currently I am SIBO free. 

I recommend the following:

1. A very, very, very strict Paleo diet. Go as strict as you can. Try Fodmaps or autoimmune Paleo. Make sure to eat enough pumpkins and zucchinis for carbs. 

2. For constipation, I recommend Donat Mg (water, you can buy it on Amazon), consumed in the morning on an empty stomack, warmed up and partially decarbonated. Make sure to drink plenty of spring water with it, it offsets your water balance.

3. Take another test to see if you still have SIBO. If you did not get rid of SIBO, you need to take care of it. 

And remember: never ever take PPIs. They cause more harm than good.

Good luck!



on September 04, 2015
at 09:33 PM

Thanks! I will never take antacid or ppi again. My acid reflux has disappeared since going on paleo diet. I know I'm lactose intolerant so maybe that or taking out the grains. I feel an allergist would be a better Idea to go to. Going to retest for sibo in a few weeks but the only symptom I have is constipation and no gas or bloating really like I did before sibo antibiotics. I think my body is still recovering from omeprozol 

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