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Answered on November 14, 2014
Created November 13, 2014 at 8:58 AM

I've been getting compliments saying "You're looking well" and I suspect that it could be because of how diet affects appearances. I guess my diet is working. I've been paleo for over a year so you get good at being paleo after a while. Has anyone else had similar experiences since going paleo? It has been the third time that I've received compliments on my appearances.

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2 Answers


on November 14, 2014
at 03:22 PM

I do low-carb because I like to eat a lot, especially in one sitting (not really a snacker though). The comments I get are more along the lines of "OMG you're so skinny eat something!!!" only to be told a few hours later after stuffing my face with an unholy amount of (high-fat) food "OMG stop eating so much!!! How can you be so skinny?? You're like a bottomless pit!" by the same person....I get this a lot, I don't know if they realize how they contradict themselves but it's pretty annoying. They tell me to eat and then tell me I eat too much. I just want to punch them in the face.

I really hate eating around people who always have something to say about my eating habits, if I was fat they probably wouldn't say anything (politically incorrect to hurt fat people's feelings), but apparently when you're skinny everyone likes to tell you how you should or should not be eating, even when the person telling you is fat themselves.



on November 13, 2014
at 09:43 AM

I get the same, but are you ok ru sick haha! 

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