canned tuna; soy an issue?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 26, 2013 at 10:44 PM

the tuna I get (every brand in my stores has it, and the one brand I found without it is double the price per tin)

is "tuna, vegetable broth, salt" and the can says allergen warning: contains soy.

is this a big deal for paleo? i know rob wolf says a dark chocolate bar with soy lecithin in it isnt the biggest deal, but if im eating about a can a day, should i just spend the extra cash and get the soy/gluten free? (63 cents a can vs like 1.42$)


on March 15, 2013
at 08:19 PM

The presence of soy ticks me off because it basically means the "broth" is an artificial flavor enhancer, but I'm pretty sure that the quantity of soy present is negligible as far as nutrient and hormonal effects go.

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on February 26, 2013
at 11:00 PM

I'd be more concerned with the mercury content. I don't believe the industry claims that the selenium conveniently cancels it out.

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on February 27, 2013
at 12:11 AM

Is tuna the only fish you buy? Personally, I'd minimize it. Our ancestors couldn't catch such huge fish, we didn't evolved eating that type of fish. But smaller fish, and shellfish, absolutely. Personally, the only fish I buy in cans are WILD sardines, wild salmon, and smoked oysters in olive oil (most are in cottonseed oil, but Trader Joe's has them in olive oil). The rest of my wild shell/fish comes from cheap Asian markets.


on March 18, 2013
at 01:49 PM

Natural Sea tuna has only tuna and water, either salted or no salt added. The Big Tuna brands-Bumble Bee, chicken of the Sea- add soy, broth and preservatives to give their tuna flavor, and add less to the the can. if you want TUNA get Natural Sea-no fillers, MSG which is in the soy broth, pr preservatives.



on February 26, 2013
at 11:30 PM

It is not impossible to find tuna with ingredients "tuna, water, salt" I have to get canned fish cuz its cheap and I have a really bad soy allergy so just keep looking :)


on February 26, 2013
at 10:54 PM

I used to file this under the 20% I don't worry about, but I eat a fair bit of canned tuna and salmon, so I made the switch. The brand I eat is Wild Planet, and is recommended a fair bit on this site. Its over twice as much as Cloverleaf in my area, and while I cant speak to the health ramifications of soy laced tuna, I will say that Wild Planet has some of the tastiest canned tuna I've ever eaten. Every now and then a local Italian mart will have some EVOO packed solid tuna, and its also excellent, but it is actually pricier than the Wild Planet by volume.

My suggestion is to grab a few cans from competing brands at various price points and go with the one that suits your palate and budget.

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