Cancer, candida and the paleo diet/lifestyle

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 05, 2011 at 3:40 AM

I'm not sure if this has already been discussed, but I began wondering about the links between the concept of cancer as a type of Candida fungus vs. the question of "are rates of cancer lower in the paleo community due to particular eating habits (e.g., low-no carbs, no added sugars, no grains/legumes, etc.) that would reduce the amount of free-floating/excessive glucose and complex sugars in the body (i.e., the stuff that Candida seems to go wild over)"?

Some things to read related to the cancer/candida link (and please take the time to read this before answering):

http://www.cancerisafungus.com/ http://www.curenaturalicancro.com/ http://www.cancerfungus.com/

And conspiracy theories aside (note: this is not a discussion thread about David Icke!): http://www.davidicke.com/articles/medicalhealth-mainmenu-37/29121.




on August 05, 2011
at 08:51 PM

great question, its cutting edge (and dare i say, not likely to be intelligently discussed on certain forums but always worth a shot) the fact that yeasts, funguses and stealth infections can change themselves and adapt to survive is probably part of why so many people juts can't get well. diseases may be much more advanced than we think.

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on August 05, 2011
at 03:33 PM

So, is this person trying to assert that somehow scientists have failed to notice that cancer cells are actually fungal cells? That seems rather implausible if you ask me.

It's certainly true that cancer cells use glucose, though, and that eating less sugar can slow their progression.

A theory of cancer that I think holds promise is described in Cancer as a metabolic disease. The author essentially argues that the genetic damage that characterizes cancer is secondary to metabolic dysfunction, specifically impaired mitochondrial function. I don't profess to understand the entire paper, but what I do understand fits my other intuitions about metabolism and disease.



on August 05, 2011
at 06:08 AM

I am convinced that the Paleo diet is best for reducing your chances of cancer. Eating whole foods, keeping your omega 6/3 ratio proper, not eating added fructose. All of these are good for the body and for prevention of cancer.

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