Brain fog after eating beef

Answered on August 03, 2013
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I only recently started paleo less than a week ago and when I do it properly with the grains (really take every single grain related thing out ie. caramel flavor in balsamic vinegar or roasted almonds in almond butter ;( ) I do notice an incredible difference. All my life I have suffered with many crappy symptoms of autoimmune diseases and chronic problems, brain fog was one that I have always lived with but barely even knew it was there sometimes until 2 days ago and then again today.

Today I ate lots of vegetables, some fruits, and then later on some pork. After I ate the pork my brain fog completely went away for the first time in my life it being that clear. I am 20 and I have never felt that great in my life- it was aweeeesommeeeee. I felt so clever hehe. But later on I had some beef (2 small slices) with a veggie stir-fry and then this huge... thing of brain fog came over me about 20 minutes after eating it- even 1-2 hours later while writing this I can barely think, my visions blurry and I feel kind of stupid.

I noticed a similar thing before when I ate beef a few days ago and I was a vegan before (on and off for a few years) and I was recently really loving the flavor of beef. I didn't use grass-fed beef as I have none available in my area (closest about a 2 hour drive) and whole foods is too much money for me. Is it the fact that it was grain-fed beef that could have given me brain fog??

If it helps, other things I am sensitive to are pretty much everything on the not-to-eat paleo food list.

And I also suffer from thyroid problems, hormone problems, leaky gut, gluten intolerances(as most people do), menstrual problems, eczema, mood swings, anxiety disorders etc. The list is very long.

Any info on what you think the problem might be would be great.

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on August 03, 2013
at 03:14 AM

The fact that you're already experiencing some positive benefits is a great sign. You need to give it much longer though. If you truly have a gluten intolerance, it can take months to fully eliminate the effects of the gluten in your body. Grain-fed versus grass-fed does make a difference to people who are very sensitive. Also, it is common when you first transition to Paleo to experience some worsening of your symptoms before they get better. Or things can get better and then worse again.



on August 01, 2013
at 07:04 AM

Well, it's only been less than a week since you've gone paleo? You could still be experiencing carb/sugar withdrawal/cravings that can present themselves in the form of symptoms. Or your body could be adjusting to handling a meal high in protein. This happened to me when i started paleo because i rarely ate meat before so would feel sluggish after a big meal.

Basically, give it some time. Even when i've gone off from eating paleo for week whilst on holiday or something, it takes my body time to get back into the swing of things. But as it becomes your full time diet, it gets easier :)

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