Best recipes with coconut milk?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 24, 2012 at 2:26 AM

My mate swears by the stuff, I haven't used it much. I know it is good in coffee, or as the base for a curry, but I'm hoping someone here might have a lovely suggestion that will ease the hunger of a grad student


on January 24, 2012
at 02:29 AM

Here you go! Have fun - le tons to check out: http://paleohacks.com/search?q=coconut+milk#axzz1kL3ABHTm

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on January 24, 2012
at 04:11 AM

You can mix with eggs, vanilla and chocolate (or something else) and bake a delicious custard. Or you can mix with egg yolks and spices to make egg nog.

Sometimes I mash sweet potatoes with coconut milk and butter.

The coconut chowder in the Primal Blueprint Cookbook is also surprisingly tasty.

Basically, if you use enough coconut milk, anything will be delicious.


on January 24, 2012
at 03:23 AM

I make pudding with mine, when I'm not making green curries. Warm one can, add unsweetened cocoa powder until it looks right, throw in a hint of cinnamon, a dash or four of cayenne, stevia sometimes, to taste. Follow the directions for prepping Knox gelatin, whip it all together, pour into a bowl and refridgerate.



on January 24, 2012
at 04:45 AM

really cold coconut milk with frozen banana and cocoa powder blended smooth...be sure to read the ingredient list on the can as not all coconut milks are equal.


on January 24, 2012
at 03:20 AM

This is my favorite recipe:


It's also fantastic, easy and cheap, in smoothies:


Hope this helps some :)

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