Best Paleo vacation?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 15, 2011 at 8:49 PM

I wonder what are your thoughts and experiences about paleo holidays. I know most people do not have the time or resources to share time with one of the few remaining "paleo" (hunter gatherer) traditional tribes so my question is: in terms of locations and activities which places do you find more suitable for a holiday that allows us to feel or act closer to a paleo lifestyle? Do you prefer mountains, beaches, countryside? Any specific places or activities?



on January 16, 2011
at 05:36 AM

there is nothing wrong with fantasy, actually it is a source of power to carry on at difficult times...



on January 16, 2011
at 01:27 AM

Curse you for this question, because now I'm thinking about getting lots of vitamin D on a beach somewhere tropical, preferably involving coconuts.

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on January 16, 2011
at 12:52 AM

I think just about all wildnerness activities are paleo, be it beach or mountains or desert. Anything that involves a lot of walking, climbing, shelter building (tent pitching), etc is very paleo. Camping, hiking, walking on the beach (nice uneven ground is good for the calves and ankles), rock collecting, dog mushing, backpacking, mushroom collecting, pine needle collecting (needed for pine needle baskets making), cross country running, etc. The act of searching and collecting (and even hoarding to some extent) is also very paleo.

Beyond that, I think many other outdoor sports, while probably not something our ancestors did specifically, would still serve a similar function, which would be exercise of multiple body parts and muscles along with improved cardiovascular useage and added social aspects like cameraderie and competition, along with exposure to lots of fresh air and sunshine. Competition in it's many forms is very paleo.

But if I had to pin down just one sport/hobby as the most paleo, I'd put my money on outdoor survival training and practice.


on April 05, 2013
at 03:33 PM

I'm not trying to emulate paleo lifestyle, it was pretty nasty :-/

But if you want a paleo-style holiday, it's simple: go backpacking (or kayaking/canoeing) in the wilderness. Just make sure you know what you're doing before you go, it's wilderness and you can die there easily enough.


on April 05, 2013
at 11:40 AM

Have you checked out www.fitnessandhealthholidays.com? They specialise in Paleo holidays as well as being certified Movnat trainers. Just passing on some info :)



on January 16, 2011
at 01:24 AM

anything outdoorsy, connecting to nature! breathing in fresh air, hiking, all connect us to our ancestors, in my opinion!

Cara http://primroseandpaleo.wordpress.com

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