Are there any finnish Paleos outthere and how do you do?

Answered on July 26, 2011
Created July 25, 2011 at 8:11 PM

Hi im actually living in Germany. I have a lot friends in Finnland and think of moving there or living there for some time. Do you live in finnland. And know anything about how you challange your live being on paleo diet?

Hiking in the forests. Along countryroads. How do you get your grass fed meat? Or do you hunt or fish? Or eat insects?

Or collect wild plants? I know that there are two stoneage villages. Maybe one of them is paleo. Maybe not that strict ..... i dont know..

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on July 26, 2011
at 06:09 AM

Hello, heres one. I dont hunt. But i do gather berries and mushrooms whenever i can. Like any good finn does ;) I have been thinking about hunting but i am not like guns so much. I pick my meat from local farm. But i mostly eat fish. Because i think thats how my ancestors did mostly. Its just much easier to get fish, berries and mushrooms etc, than its to get large game. I have tried, all except hunthing so far ;)

I collect nettles and dandelions, nothing exciting. Many non paleo folks collect nettles. Its great replacement for spinach. I think its even better. Gotta whatch out those oxalic acids tho!

Food is crazy expencive in finland. But the best thing in our country is that you are free to gather berries and whatever from any forrest without any permit. And the berries and mushrooms here are so good.

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