Are sports paleo?

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created May 24, 2011 at 6:42 AM

Basketball football etc. are they good for you? are they paleo? or are they bad for your joints or something?

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2 Answers


on May 24, 2011
at 02:23 PM

Some are more paleo and others are less. For example, tennis requires a lot of unnatural movement. If all you do is play tennis and you do it hardcore, you're probably gonna get a lot of imbalance injuries including a lot of shoulder problems and stuff.

It just depends how natural the movement is. Soccer seems more natural than tennis. Wrestling or grappling seems more natural than both of those. Distance running seems pretty natural as long as you don't run 70 miles per week on concrete with a pair of running shoes. And so on.

So are sports paleo? Depends which one. And to figure it out for each one, just try to gauge how natural the movement is. For example, if playing the sport tends to cause the same imbalance injuries over and over, that's a giveaway that the movement is pretty unnatural.


on May 24, 2011
at 02:10 PM

I'm sure folks in the paleolithic played physical games. So from that perspective, they are paleo.

That doesn't mean they didn't hurt themselves then, or that you can hurt yourself now. On the other hand, sitting in front of a computer all day is far less paleo than being outside playing basketball.

So go for it.

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