Are Carob Pods a good Sub for Nuts

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 28, 2010 at 2:08 AM

In my quest for a better eating lifestyle and trying new products, i have come accross 'Carob Pods'. Can anyone enlighten me as to where these fit in, in the Paleo world and are they a good snack besids nuts??

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2 Answers



on April 29, 2010
at 05:37 AM

Comparing Raw Almonds to Carob powder, Almonds still seem the better pick. However I couldn't find Carob Pods nutritional content.

Also I guess it depends on how much you consume. I can consume a hell of a lot of nuts in 5 minutes but Carob pods from memory are a little bit chewy and take longer to eat. So it might be the equivalent of eating 10g of Carob Powder to 100g of Raw Almonds. Also it depends on how much they satisfy your hunger. Is it possible to eat them in moderation?

Raw Almonds

  • Carbs 4.8
  • Fat 54.7
  • Protein 19.5

Carob Flour

  • Carbs 88.9
  • Fat .6
  • Protein 4.6



on April 29, 2010
at 04:35 AM

I had never heard of eating carob pods, only eating the prepared carob as a chocolate substitute.

Found this link which is pretty interesting- http://www.livingfoods.com/articles/rawcarob.html

It suggests eating it in moderation. Might be an interesting experiment- let us all know how you like it.

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