Anyone ordered any Eatology food?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 01, 2011 at 9:40 PM

I Googled "Paleo Dallas" and found a neat website that offers to ship you Paleo/Zone based meals for weekly or monthly plans. Anyone tried it? Liked it? any competitors like them? All comments welcome on prepared paleo meals that they have ordered from anywhere (or picked up if you did not get it shipped).

Paleo meals is the site



on December 03, 2011
at 01:55 AM

I like all the background images and food. The store needs more info and choices maybe. Paleo2.0 the food looked too yummy? LOL



on December 02, 2011
at 04:08 PM

The website kind of sucks.

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4 Answers


on December 02, 2011
at 03:51 PM

I'm eating spam for breakfast? Seriously???



on December 02, 2011
at 03:56 PM

Yikes...a little pricey don't you think? And they're also in zone ratios. The mens size is only 3 blocks!!! Is there a guy on PH that eats so little???


on December 02, 2011
at 03:24 PM

sounds cool, I have not seen any paleo food deliveries before this. (I like the food that rotates in the background :)



on December 02, 2011
at 02:08 AM

I have a friend that does crossfit with the owner, and she may be biased, but she says the food is awesome. I guess that does not answer your delivery question, but I guess maybe someone else has actually first hand experience with Paleo meals

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