Anyone had success with dandruff/acne with vit a/d

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 16, 2012 at 7:09 PM

If so what form did you take. I do not like liver so I will supplement. I do not know if I should take a concentrated liver extract or just a liver oil supplement. I have read blue ice clo is good but there is no iu on the vit a content. Maybe a concentrated liver oil with high vit a and the blue ice clo?



on May 20, 2012
at 02:28 PM

I don't understand the low pufa in relation to acne. Being as people like dr perricone are advocating high pufa diets for acne with reports success as well



on May 18, 2012
at 01:46 AM

Oh I'm sure it's a high dose, but no higher than what others here have used for acne, and I also supplement 8k IU D. The lamb livers I buy are about 1.5 lbs, and I go through one of those in maybe 2 weeks. Most any A supplement you'll find is extracted from fish liver, and since they'd be lacking the PUFA, I don't see what would be wrong with it.



on May 17, 2012
at 01:09 PM

Also ray peat mentions he takes halibuit liver extract for a



on May 17, 2012
at 01:07 PM

This is not what I wanted to hear. How much liver do you consume? It might be acting as a megadose vit a



on May 17, 2012
at 06:01 AM

for acne fatsolubles are the only vitamins i need on top of a low-PUFA diet, for lupus theres way more to it. cod liver oil did nothing...

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2 Answers



on May 16, 2012
at 11:24 PM

I think that 50mg/day of zinc helps with my acne. I think that I tend to start breaking out when I stop the zinc, and the zits recede when I start again.



on May 16, 2012
at 07:32 PM

My dandruff/eczema went away on Paleo (+goat/sheep fermented dairy). It became lesser immediately, but it went away completely about 3 months after I started the diet. I supplement with a lot of things, but not A. The main ones to supplement are D3, Mg, K2, fish/krill oil. The rest can help, but they're not required if you're eating enough of the right things. This is what I eat: http://eugenia.queru.com/2011/10/20/how-to-make-free-healthcare-cheap/#update2 and these are my staples: http://eugenia.queru.com/2012/03/05/top-10-must-eat-paleo-foods/

I didn't have acne, so I can't comment on that. I mean, I had bits of acne on my back, and on my nose that became much better on Paleo, but I didn't have any major problem with acne.

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