Anyone else have blood work come back bad?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 01, 2010 at 8:22 PM

Ok, so I had a fasted blood draw and my Triglycerides are much higher, my HDL is much higher and my LDL came back at 23???? And my liver enzymes are 85 w normal being 40 .... I do not drink, do not take supplements, only change was to paleo. And yes, I eat bacon and heavy cream in coffee.

Anyone else have any problems?

Typical diet: 1 can of Coconut Milk per day. One ounce of heavy cream per day. Chicken - all types always baked never fried. Beef - all kinds. Fish - all kinds. Veggies - all kinds. Bacon, sometimes. Eggs - 4 a day 250mg Omega 3 kind.



on December 01, 2010
at 08:36 PM

"Higher"? Compared to what? Previous and current values would be appreciated to give you better feedback.

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on December 01, 2010
at 11:24 PM

Trends are more important than data points. Gotta have previous results. Without this means nothing.



on December 01, 2010
at 09:45 PM

Lab values would be a help. Are you reading the results correctly? Try posting previous levels and new levels. There is a percentage of the population that have genetically elevated liver enzymes. On the flip side of the above post....heavy cream (hopefully organic/grass fed) is fine. Paleo is a framework for modern humans to eat real foods.....not a reenactment of our ancestors. Butter, ghee, aged cheeses, multiple types of fermented dairy of high quality are fine, depending on goals and level of leaness desired.


on December 01, 2010
at 09:02 PM

We really need numbers for everything before and after to know much... also, what is your activity like, how long have you been paleo for, and have you ever actually been paleo? The cream in your coffee isn't putting you at 100% for a baseline from which to measure/test-- not that it's so bad, but it's not helping if you're trying to REALLY see how this will work for you.


on December 20, 2011
at 04:03 PM

i didnt think diet affected the liver enzyme secretions unless the food had toxic mushrooms or hepatitis virus in it. as far as i knew the liver enzymes are leaked into the blood when a liver cell dies. i supose if your liver is shrinking it might be leaking. who know? i dont.

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