Anybody Diagnoise with PCOS Doing Crossfit and Prescribed Metformin?

Answered on May 06, 2013
Created May 05, 2013 at 2:34 AM

I am a 36 year old female, 5'3" and 155 lbs who started Crossfit and Paleo 1.5 years ago. I do have my occasional cheats with Paleo and laziness with Crossfit, but I have not loss weight I the past 1.5 years. I have always had high cholesterol and it seems to run in the family but no familiy history of heart disease. Crossfit and Paleo has not helped my cholesterol levels either.

Recently I have been trying to get pregnant again but having a hard time. I have always had irregular periods since I started menstruating averaging 35 days and now 41 days with last two cycles at 55 and 56. I have always been athletic since 11 years old, but intensity dropped after college. Only until Crossfit was when I started working out to the same intensity as a teenager. I decided to see a fertility specialist who diagnosed me with PCOS and was prescribed Metformin recently. I decided to boost my chances alternatively with an acupuncture fertility specialist and was told my irregular cycles are due to the intensity of workouts and not PCOS. The recommendation was to lower the intensity. I only RX 10% of the WODs.

Why am I not seeing any changes from Crossfit and Paleo? Should I try to lower my intensity? How am I going to get to a healthy weight for fertility without intensity? Should I keep Crossfitting? Can Metformin solve all my problems to have regular cycles, healthy weight, and lower cholesterol while allowing me to Crossfit at my usual intensity?

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on May 05, 2013
at 05:05 AM

I have always been athletic also and have always (well, since puberty) had PCOS. I was prescribed metformin about 5 months ago for blood sugar issues. No changes in cycle regularity (it's actually been totally regular since having a child three + years ago) but my hormones seem more stable from a psychological perspective. My body leaned out a little bit but nothing dramatic. I went paleo a month after starting the metformin so it's hard to say which actually caused the changes. My doctor warned me that I might have issues accessing glycogen stores during endurance training (I was doing triathlon training when she rx'd it) but I haven't noticed any problems. I recently (1 month ago) started doing Crossfit instead of long cardio/endurance workouts and leaned out another notch. Aside from some minor dyspepsia for the first month of metformin, I've felt no ill effects and figure I will stay on it.

Were I you, I'd give it a try for three months and see how you feel. As long as your kidneys are not compromised there isn't really any risk.

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on May 06, 2013
at 01:14 AM


Metformin helps but it depletes you chronically of Mg and water so you must know it when using it and replace it aggressively. You'd be wise to stop cross fit. Your fertility is trying to tell you something. We all have a doctor inside of us, but the real question is do we listen to that voice?

You must ask and answer that for you now.

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