Am I now consistently needing protein in the morning?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 12, 2012 at 5:16 PM

I joined Paleo about 4 weeks ago. I have started off my morning typically with a strong protein start like bacon and eggs. Sometimes I don't eat right away and just have an early lunch of grilled chicken w/skin from my favorite chicken place.

Today I wanted to increase my veggie intake so I had a late breakfast, early lunch and made myself a salad at a salad bar. The first two or three bites were ok maybe even good. But by the time I was done eating. I felt so incredibly unsatisfied, Almost sick to my stomach.

Afterwards I went to kfc and got some grilled chicken (they were kind enough to give me a free biscuit which don't worry I didn't eat) to see if I could remedy the situation but it was no use. I already had felt "full" but somehow very unhappy and not satisfied at all.

My question is, Was the my body complaining when it didn't recieve its morning double punch of protein/fat? Has anyone else ever felt this way?


my gut instinct told me that the very fattening biscuit they gave me would have made me feel better, Maybe I am also having side effects to a recent cheat(but still planned) day. I am still doing alot of tweaking to my diet. I do paleo mostly to lose weight, have no intolerances that I know of. And I have a cheat day once every other week. My last one 2 days ago.

I usually have veggies for dinner with meat of somekind. I have 1-3 oz of nuts a day. very rarely I might have afruit but hardly ever. I have recently cut out sausages and cheese, although I did have a very small amount of cheese on my salad. And My cheat days are CHEAT days. I also started crossfit at the same time as paleo



on March 13, 2012
at 05:32 PM

And where can I join this paleo?



on March 13, 2012
at 05:32 PM

There does seem to be something to eating protein and fat in the morning that satisfies hunger. A number of studies have shown this. And just because Dr. Kruse agrees, doesn't make it wrong (darn it). What did you put on that salad? What kind of dressing?

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on March 12, 2012
at 05:25 PM

Yes, cheat days can affect how you react to healthier food for up to a week afterward, usually 2-4 days in my case. My planned cheats are major holidays and that's about it but we each can define the interval that works best. After a cheat, my brain seems to be looking for "bad" foods rather than whole foods but I've developed coping mechanisms that get me back on track quickly.

In general, I frequently want protein and fat in the morning and carbs at mid-day or afternoon, but I can enjoy home-made extra-fat yogurt with fruit instead as long as I follow it with my main meal within 2 hours because the yogurt leaves me hungry.

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