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Asked on October 25, 2012
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Sorry this is so long! I started crossfit at the end of August, going 2x a week. This month I went ahead and signed up for 3x. So far it only seems as though I've lost 2 lbs since august so I am trying to go paleo to feel better and to aid in my fat loss. I've been eating paleo since Sunday evening and wanted to see if my diet is on track. I haven't been weighing food or measuring because I thought you didn't have to do that with paleo, so let me know if I need to do that.

Sunday night I made a butternut squash soup to eat for lunch over the past three days. I saut??ed 3 carrots, a chopped onion, some ginger and garlic in coconut oil and then added some Thai red curry paste. I roasted a butternut in the oven and scooped the inside into a blender and also added the carrot and onion mixture, 2 cups of homemade chicken stock, and little less than a can of coconut milk. It's been pretty filling.

Sunday's dinner was sirloin, sliced sweet potatoes cooked in butter on the stove top and then roasted in the oven for a bit, and roasted broccoli. I ate leftovers for breakfast the next day, but only half because for some reason I wasn't hungry at all. Later Monday afternoon I became hungry and finished the previous night's leftovers and then immediately felt better. I guess I needed more calories.

Monday night I made homemade chicken kabobs with an assortment of veggies on the skewers (bell pepper, mushroom, zucchini, onion) I ate leftover chicken and veggies along with 2 eggs which I cooked in butter the next morning on Tuesday.

Tuesday evening I ate some roasted salmon, asparagus, and mixed veggies. Still felt a little hungry after but I think it was because of crossfit. I ate a celery stick with some almond butter later that evening and my hunger subsided.

This morning I ate three scrambled eggs cooked in butter again with some roasted veggies and it was filling. I had a banana and some nuts as a snack around 10am but wasn't totally hungry for a snack. In the afternoon I had a larabar and about 10 grapes as another snack (probably too much sugar). This evening I had the same meal as last night. When I got home from work I had a stalk of celery with some almond butter because I didn't really want to eat dinner so early.

I'm not sure what I want for breakfast in the morning. I'm planning on eating the last of the pound of salmon I bought for lunch tomorrow with the rest of the roasted asparagus. For dinner I am going to roast a chicken, some kale, and also an acorn squash and throw some butter in The squash. I'm sure that will somehow end up as lunch on Friday..or breakfast.

Hows my diet? do i need more protein? Am I eating too many carbs or is it fine? I love squash and sweet potatoes so I could easily overdo it.

I went to crossfit both Monday and Tuesday this week and I have to say that I was amazed at the amount of energy I felt I had on Tuesday. Monday I felt a little sluggish.


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