Alzheimer's + Paleo, please help!

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 28, 2012 at 7:44 PM

A close family friend was just diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. She is only 56. I've been trying to research paleo meal plans/supplements/etc that would possibly help. Does anyone know of any resources/studies/ideas we should definitely be checking out? Already have gone over the neurological section in Practical Paleo, & got her coconut oil capsules + fish oil, B6, B12, etc. Thanks!



on November 29, 2012
at 09:32 AM

After reading the question I had the exact same link in mind..!

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on November 28, 2012
at 08:04 PM

Yes, a paleo template that severely cuts carbohydrates and oxidized PUFA's/omega-6 and all grains, and focuses on nutrient rich foods that target the brain's needs specifically. Massive coconut oil, massive seafood (better than fish oil but maybe start with good quality non-rancid fish oil), massive dietary cholesterol. Shoot for ketogenic.




on November 29, 2012
at 09:32 AM

After reading the question I had the exact same link in mind..!



on November 28, 2012
at 08:07 PM

Have you looked at http://evolutionarypsychiatry.blogspot.com/p/map.html ? If you go under the subheading of dementia there are a bunch of articles Dr. Deans has written that might be super helpful. I think paleo is a great place to start and hopefully by having such an early diagnosis, lifestyle changes might actually be able to help. Some topics to research include ketogenic diet, insulin resistance, mthfr B12..


on November 29, 2012
at 05:36 PM

Both Vitamin D3 and Curcumin help clear amyloid from brain.

Chronic Inflammation in the Brain Leads the Way to Alzheimer's Disease While it may be too late to reverse the situation it may be useful to know that Vitamin D3 is most effective as an anti-inflammatory agent at 50ng/ml 125nmol/l around the natural level those living as human DNA evolved attain/maintain Vitamin D equilibrium and human milk a complete, vitamin d3 replete, food for human babies.

Although Curcumin binds with the Vitamin D receptor and those enables many of the the actions of Vitamin D3 it should be noted that Curcumin works to clear amyloid in ways that are additional to those achieved by Vitamin D3 alone so while some people will benefit more from the Vitamin D3 aspect others will benefit from the separate non Vit d related Action of Curcumin (and some will benefit most from both Vit d3 AND Curcumin) Look for a BCM-95 Curcumin or Meriva Curcumin form (more is absorbed).

Remember action of ARICEPT achieved by preventing the degradation of choline. It may help to INCREASE food sources of choline, Chris Masterjohn has covered this in detail but eggs/liver are good for ailing brains.

Omega 3, magnesium and melatonin are other natural anti-inflammatory agents most of us have insufficient resources for.

I agree with other post suggesting that coconut oil would be more effective in larger amounts than cost effective from supplements. The trial of the medical food Axona built up, over a week, the intake of Medium Chain Triglycerides to 40g daily. So either work up to take 40g of MCT oil or use about 60 grams of coconut oil (which is about 66% MCT)



on November 29, 2012
at 03:23 PM

Get her on bulletproof coffee if you can. Avoid coconut oil capsules - those are a waste of money. Just incorporate coconut oil into her food.

If there's issues digesting all that fat, a few digestive enzymes with oxbile will help.

Go slow at first and slowly raise the intake of coconut oil. i.e. start with a teaspoon and go up higher - at least this is what's needed in healthy people, check Dr. Fife's book on whatever protocols he may have.

Google for Dr. Bruce Fife, he's got his own site about coconut oil and there's also a book on Alzheimers as well as bunches of podcast interviews all over the place. One place to look is the Underground Wellness podcast.



on November 29, 2012
at 08:14 AM

Take a look at Dr. Terry Whal's TED Talk and book. I think that applies to Alzheimer's as well.

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