ACNE Paleo-Inuit-Ache-Masai-Kitava Diet

Commented on February 21, 2011
Created February 20, 2011 at 1:57 PM

I'm having cystic acne since senior high school, and now i'm 27 yo and got to go to the office with my saggy cystic bag acne? hell no!! so i cut off dairy long time ago.. and bla2 here i am the last culprit i killed is friggin white rice, who would thought an innocent little white chimp in my plate is one of the ultimate cause of my cystic acne. Now i'm on week 2 of my PIAMK (Paleo-Inuit-Ache-Masai-Kitava) diet and my skin is clean like my junior high school times. although the scars wont dissapear but im satisfied without painful red bumps on my cheek and chin and nose. THANK GOD.

Here's the list,

EAT: steam fish, steam meat, raw salad, i'm too lazy to buy some friggin oil/omega bla2/vits any suggestion for sumthin i can eat without being affraid i could get an eruption again?

CAN'T EAT: white rice, bread, corns, soys, spicy foods, nightshades, eggs, dairy, ice cream, chocolate, caffeine, apple and raisins too, my cystic acne errupted badly the last time when i eat raisins and apple together, okay so this is what they call skin diabetes... darn it! i loved raisins so much.



on February 21, 2011
at 01:41 AM

@blackie: At the risk of being a pest, could you re-word your question to make it clearer? It took me three reads to realize that you weren't just sharing a story but asking for a dietary recommendation.



on February 20, 2011
at 03:30 PM

Yes, I know ache is describing the diet, but I had to make room for the acne tag.



on February 20, 2011
at 03:28 PM

Changed "ache" to "acne" in tags. It would be useful if someone could edit the title to mention acne...



on February 20, 2011
at 03:08 PM

I used to eat alot of carbs when I was under stress, and the combination of carbs and stress made me break out like crazy.

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on February 20, 2011
at 07:08 PM

Steamed meat sounds terrible...maybe you could try clarifying butter and see how you do. I cook absolutely everything with it + I drench the spinach and potatoes with it. I can't imagine not using it.



on February 20, 2011
at 04:27 PM

Are you basically healthy, happy other than the acne? You might want to look into the idea of a diet lower in salicylates. You may be able to tolerate some of these foods occasionally.

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