ACE inhibitors and supplements

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 22, 2011 at 7:12 PM

My mother suffers from hypertension, she is mostly in good health otherwise, and her doctor has given her the prescription drug perindopril (arginine) an ACE inhibitor. She usually (but not always!) eats healthy food. Is there any supplement that she should be taking to compensate for the effects of the ACE inhibitor ?

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on August 24, 2011
at 06:55 PM

Hi Ignacio: At one time for many years, in the therapeutic nutrition component of my holistic chiropractic practice, I used to 'prescribe' a targeted/customized approach for every patient- taking into account what meds (including ace inhibitors) they were on as well as other factors. Without going into a long story, i will just say that I no longer recommend this "customized" approach. It basically does not work very well IMHO. It is VERY difficult to do correctly and there are SO MANY confounding/independent factors. But if there is someone out there who thinks they can do this well, then good luck

You want to help your mother. That is understandable. I basically recommend the same 4 supplements for everyone (from recently-weened toddlers to the elderly and everyone in between, regardless of whether they are on meds and/or are sick, the supplements that i recommend are safe for any human being). You can read more about what I recommend on my website if you wish.

But I would also urge you to look into the issue of hypertension and anti-hypertensive meds in general that was discussed in a recent post.


Good luck.

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