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Answered on November 02, 2017
Created August 18, 2016 at 9:50 AM

Hello all,

i would love to transition to Paleo. My one concern is I loathe seafood and eggs. How effective will eating Paleo be without those foods?

Can it be done with meats and chicken as my protein?  I adore fruit and a fair portion of veggies ( I will not eat onions, mushrooms or any type of pepper, red, green, etc.).

What advice can you offer?

Thanks in advance,


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on November 02, 2017
at 07:03 PM

Hello there.


I see that you want to start eating Paleo, but choose not to eat eggs and seafood, as well as some veggies).


It's better to do something rather than nothing, that's a start. Certainly you can eat Paleo and enjoy the benefits from eating this type of diet without eating eggs and seafood. Heck, so many people do it. Many tribes in the past wouldn't be able to eat it, nor will many people in the future.


The Paleo diet is not about obliging you to eat this and that. It's about fitting in healthy food choices and a healthy lifestyle into your life. If you don't like those foods, screw em. But if you're not avoiding them because of a condition of other issue you have, they might be easier to eat if you put them in a really nice recipe.


Anyway, you just have to focus on eating a variety of food and getting in your nutrients. You might be missing out on some nutrients found in seafood, such as zinc, vitamin D, vitamin A, and some other nutrients. If you're getting those from other foods or through supplementing (cod liver oil anyone?), then you're fine.


That's my two cents.


Olivier - thecavemanguy

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