a lasting ride on the paleo wagon

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 09, 2012 at 2:25 AM

Many paleo practitioners follow this dietary regime as a means of attaining and maintaining their desired bodyweight.

As you may know, most diets fail within 6-24 months and the rebound weight is often worse than before the commencement of the diet.

For those who embarked on paleo for weight loss would you please share how long you have been able to maintain your desired bodyweight.



on November 09, 2012
at 04:37 AM

I've never eaten for weightloss so I won't asnwer but think in many cases a 'diet' isn't maintained due to perceptiosn of having a 'diet'. Framing is important...

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on November 09, 2012
at 03:57 AM

I eat more of a primal/paleo/WAPF combination (something like Kurt Harris's Paleo 2.0), been doing so for about 2 years. I don't cheat, but my diet is probably less restrictive than that of many people here.

I lost most of the weight I wanted to lose in the first 6 months, the last few pounds took another 6 months. Maintained now for a little over a year.

Even if I gained all the weight back, I would keep eating this way. I'm much healthier than I used to be, and turns out I like this food better anyway. It's just more work (in terms of shopping & cooking) but I'm used to that now.



on November 10, 2012
at 02:34 AM

I started eating paleo just over three years ago. Start weight: 286. In the first year I lost almost 120 pounds (down to 168). There was some bounce back, to perhaps the low 180s. Since then I've focused on more fat and less protein, so have been in the 170 to 175 range. Suspect I "should" be about 10 pounds lighter, but for a 40-year old who isn't exercising, it's not so bad.


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on November 10, 2012
at 02:30 AM

I discovered paleo lifestyle after I'd lost 50 lbs. I'm not what Cordain or Sisson would consider paleo. I eat 50% carbs and follow a med-type diet. My lifestyle is more ancestral than truly paleo. But paleo provides the main justification for eating a lot of meat and avoiding being sedentary.

Living this way - not eating excessively, being as active as I possibly can be every day, and consuming a lot of meat and fish - I've kept the weight lost from returning for 5-1/2 years.



on November 10, 2012
at 02:22 AM

Near 3 years....I've continued to use a paleo framework to modify my body composition with good results. I find it easy to add lean mass or reduce weight at will with paleo food. It's actually scary easy.

I"m not all that interested in "maintaining" a particular weight as your question suggests though. I'm far more concerned with composition and overall health. Perhaps I shouldn't have answered, but Oh well.



on November 10, 2012
at 01:56 AM

Sure, what the hell...

Still losing. I've been heading the right direction for 2-2.5 years. I'm down almost 200lbs. I took a break, stopped counting, worrying, or even trying and my weight was stable (but not lower) on Paleo. For me I don't see how I'd ever get fat again.



on November 09, 2012
at 04:10 AM

I haven't gotten to my goal weight . . . I don't really have one though, for me I focus less on my weight and more on my quality of life. I suppose I'd still fall under the morbidly obese category but the amount of positive change I've seen in the last year and a half has been so amazing, I'd never go back to the low fat/high carb way I ate. Gone is a two decade eating disorder, many PCOS symptoms, hypothyroidism is under control, no more blood sugar crashes and I actually have energy. As a bonus, I've lost over 80 pounds. Being fat pretty much all my life, I've tried a fair number of diets. For me, paleo isn't a diet, it's simply how I eat now and I truly feel I've seen the end of my weight yo-yoing!


on November 09, 2012
at 03:34 AM

I have been following the paleo diet for the past 19 months. Early on I only did it for the weight loss and would go off it for a month or two when I reached the weight I desired then gain it back. The longer I have been on the paleo diet the more involved and dedicated and strict I have become. It has gotten easier as I have discovered awesome new foods I never knew I liked, for example bok choy and dark chocolate. It has also become easier as I learn new a delicious paleo recipes like bell pepper chicken fajitas and paleo chili. I have found that the longer I am on the paleo diet the less I want to cheat, and fewer junk foods appeal to me compared with before. Paleo has also helped me achieve my goal of losing weight and getting very lean. I have dropped 37 pounds and can finally see my abs. I know anything can happen in the future but I think I am in it for the long haul with paleo (or maybe primal, I'm thinking of experimenting with cheese). I would say that I have been able to maintain a body weight I am happy with since June of this year.



on November 09, 2012
at 07:48 AM

I've maintained for two years. I eat more or less what I want within the paleo/primal framework (some yogurt and cream) and stay around the same weight with no problem. BTW 5'4" 133lbs (down from 154lbs) 64 years old


on November 09, 2012
at 04:47 AM

Still challenging myself to complete the 8 weeks of a paleo plan (timreviews.com/paleo-recipe) together with my husband (week 6 now). Both have been in good shape already before and now 'just' having more energy during the day. I think it depends on your general eating habits and if you do some workout.

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