3Days on NON-Paleo diet. Feel very bloated during and after carby meals.

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 13, 2012 at 5:30 PM

Solid 5 weeks on Paleo. No bread, pasta, legumes, dairy.

Felt great, slowly loosing weight but down about 12lbs overall (I thank crossfit for that)

The other day I cracked at a party. Beer, cheese, crackers which spiraled into this Monday and Tuesday being filled with pizza and Sandwiches along with easy carby items. I noticed during the meal and after I feel VERY bloated and obviously lousy after.

I recognize my desire to get those things was because I havent had them in a while. Im going back on Paleo for dinner but is the bloating and TOO FULL feeling the symptom of not eating clean/Paleo?

Please dont beat me up too bad, but any kind words would help.



on June 13, 2012
at 10:07 PM

That is definitely what happens when you return to carbs and dairy- it can be because, like most people, you are sensitive to gluten and lactose/casein. That would explain the bloating. To make things less uncomfortable I suggest taking ginger and fennel, and drinking lemon water, also juicing a cucumber or drinking ginger/lemon kombucha can all help reduce the feelings of bloating and help you get back on track to feeling healthy. I would use how you feel now as a motivator to get back on track and as a reminder of why you are eating differently!



on June 13, 2012
at 08:34 PM

+1 for carbage. Hadn't heard that before.

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on June 13, 2012
at 05:36 PM

We all do it for our own reasons. Sure, our mind thinks we miss those things, but our bodies speak up and let us know otherwise. We all learn from our mistakes, or at least we hope to. Start back up this second! Be well!


on September 07, 2013
at 12:44 AM

I posted the same thing after my first non-paleo day (okay, weekend) and the general sentiment was:

  • don't beat yourself up about it
  • just start eating paleo again
  • maybe take some probiotics to sort your gut out
  • relax :)

I also had beer, bread, etc and felt totally gross for two days. Lesson learned.


on June 13, 2012
at 05:39 PM

Been there, done that this past weekend. I went to my 10 year reunion after 5 weeks of Whole30 compliant eating and lotsa working out. I pretty much fell off the health wagon, landed on it, and smashed it to pieces by eating anything and everything and drinking beer and wine. I felt like crap for a few days and it totally interfered with my weight loss rate. The worst part was, in the end - I really didn't even enjoy it because I felt so guilty the whole time I was eating it. But, as of Monday, I rebuilt the wagon and am riding it all the way to pound town.


on June 13, 2012
at 08:26 PM

For a while, I used to allow myself one "cheat day" a week to eat stuff I still craved. Pizza and brownies seemed to be the two foods I couldn't quite let go of.

Technically, I still allow myself the "cheat day." But I haven't actually cheated in weeks because eating high-carb, high-sugar, processed foods make me feel like shit. Feeling bloaty and overstuffed was part of it, but I'd also wake up the next day to a horrible "carb hangover." Plus, it stalls out my weight loss, often for days.

I feel so lousy when I eat junk these days, and it's such a stark contrast to how I feel when I'm eating good stuff, that cheating has turned out to be kind of like aversion therapy. I look at a brownie, a donut, a pastry, a slice of pizza anymore, and I know just how bad I'm going to feel if I eat it. So while I still get occasional cravings for junk, I know I don't really want it.

With any luck, you've learned that "carbage" makes you feel lousy, and you'll avoid it from now on. Or maybe it will take a couple more binges on junk to reinforce the lesson. Either way, don't beat yourself up. Just get back to eating right, and you'll feel better again. Because it's not really the falling off that's the problem--it's the staying off. Dust yourself off, get back on, and don't beat yourself up.



on June 13, 2012
at 08:34 PM

+1 for carbage. Hadn't heard that before.



on June 13, 2012
at 05:33 PM

I believe this just shows that you feel better on a paleo diet :)

Apart from that, if you eat very little carbs for 5 weeks and then eat a massive amount of carbohydrates, well then yes, that'll be quite a shock to your body.



on June 13, 2012
at 09:58 PM

It's pretty easy to pack on 10 pounds of water weight when transitioning from paleo to SAD. Heck, I put on 10 pounds this past weekend. I spent all of yesterday peeing, every 30-60 minutes, and have dropped all but 2 pounds (so far). That's the too full/bloating feeling you're experiencing.

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