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Answered on August 19, 2014
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So im 200lbs, 28 male, looking to drop back down to 150. I have been going pure Zone and Paleo. I read both books but am wondering if I am able to keep on doing what I'm doing OR if I'm wrong and need to follow the books more. I'm eating 3 blocks of pure paleo food fully measured out. I have 3 blocks at 9am, 12, 3 pm, and 6 pm for a totall of 12 blocks per day. I only drink water or tea if I need to curve a craving or detox headach. I have basically detoxed the worse of my sugar gunk n feel so much happy n alive. I work out everyday currently trying to get my cardo back. O n have only been at this all for a week. Am I setting myself up for failure by not eatting enough or not doing my snacks inbetween meals? I really want to get my metablism cranked up to max!! I am so focused any imput would help. Thanks all



on May 29, 2013
at 04:22 PM

A block is approx 2g fat, 7g carbs, 7g protein, giving you 40%-30%-30% of calories fat-carb-protein. 12 blocks for a person of his size is quite calorie restricted, but that's part of how the Zone works.



on May 29, 2013
at 02:45 AM

what's a block?

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on May 29, 2013
at 04:20 PM

The Zone is, among other things, a calorie restriction diet. Some moderate calorie restriction is fine, but I'm not sure somebody your size should only be eating 12 blocks to begin with. If, in addition, you're doing cardio every day, you're distinctly calorie restricted. That may be fine, or it may be problematic for your metabolism. If you read between the lines in the Zone, they say an athletic person adds calories in by adding more fat (as opposed to adding more blocks). Since you have a good chunk of weight to lose, you could tough out what your doing, be hungry, risk confusing your body about whether your starving, etc., but lose weight pretty fast. Or, if you were sensible (which is hard to be when you want to lose A LOT of weight RIGHT NOW), you could decide to go gradually. Going gradually means that when you're done you'll be in a good metabolic state, and you'll also have established good habits for the future. If you want to do that within a Zone context, you'd throw in a few extra blocks of fat. It's counterintuitive if you want to lose weight, but this is a case of "slow and steady wins the race".

If you're willing to go outside of the Zone framework, you have choices. Maybe people feel that so long as you're not exercising like an athlete, you can cut your carbs below Zone levels (and add in some extra fat to make sure you're not starving yourself) and that's helpful for improving your metabolism and taking care of hunger. Instead of 12-12-12, maybe you're now at 20-12-6. Once you know how large a meal should be and how it should be proportioned, you might try skipping the block counting entirely, to cut back on neurosis and form good habits for the future. Up to you.

If you want to REALLY do the paleo philosophy, you'd skip all that stuff about blocks, carbs, proteins, fats. Just eat a variety of paleo foods until you are full, and then stop eating. It's the quality of the food, more than any ratios, that really matter. However, depending your personality, having blocks available as a tool may be the way to go for you, and that's fine, though over the long run the goal is to just eat healthful foods, not think about it much, and remain healthy anyway.

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