Paleo work lunches for hardworking man

Answered on June 21, 2014
Created June 18, 2014 at 5:45 AM

I am looking to support my wife who is starting paleo, but I am a landscaper who has very hard strenuous days. As a result i need food to keep my energy up during the day. I tried going gluten free for her but I was losing weight in the wrong way and was feeling weak every day. So I need help on what to do with making full lunches for myself. I really do not have much of a clue.

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on June 21, 2014
at 10:31 PM

Sweet potato/Chinese leaf/onions/tinned maquerel; sweet potato/peppers/onions/eggs; a huge salad (e.g. rocket, at least 300g) with radishes, dried onions, sauteed zucchini, scrambled eggs, left over beef jerk, walnuts; marinated lamb or homemade beef or lamb burgers (use lettuce leaves or pak choy leaves as 'buns'); beef roast with lots of tubers (swede, butternut squash, turnip, parsnip, sweet potato, carrot).

To save time, I usually have the same thing for breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner, e.g. I will make a big serving of scrambled eggs & sautéed zucchini in the morning, eat half of it, and put the rest in a big Tupperware with salad etc. or I will prepare marinated lamb or a beef roast in the slow cooker overnight, take some of it for lunch, and save the rest for dinner when I come back from work.

I also cook in big batches, and save part of the food for later: at least once a month, I spend a whole weekend shopping and cooking, to restock the freezer with homemade paleo ready made meals!



on June 19, 2014
at 01:11 PM

If you're working all day then the aspects of paleo that I'd recommend are no simple sugars or vegetable oils and whole grains/tubers as your carbs. Doing low carb with all that physical activity is going to drain you something awful. .


on June 19, 2014
at 12:40 PM

Lunch for a lot of people on the paleo diet are usually salads and fruits, simply because it is the easiest and less time consuming to prepare. Whats great about this meal is that you can find it anywhere. A cold shish kabob is a superb and delicious option. It’s not difficult to make, you can gobble it up quickly during a hectic schedule. Just use some leftover beef or meat available from a previous meal, sprinkle some paprika, add some peppers or any vegetable, wrap in some foil and voila!

A favorite lunch idea of mine is to prepare a big batch of chilli.



on June 19, 2014
at 03:28 AM

Shepard's pie, meatza, chili, baked cauliflower with a spaghetti meatsauce.. Those are things I make ahead of time and then eat throughout the week, plus they all are easily eaten cold and/or room temp. I find that when I need energy (such as when I have a hardcore dance class or rehearsals), sweet potatoes really help with long term, consistent energy. They're tasty cold, just bake a bunch at the beginning of the week, dice, and throw in a tupperware for easy snacks.


on June 18, 2014
at 05:34 PM

Try making a big bake or stew on a day off that you can store in the fridge all week and bring to work in a Tupperware. I do that when I'm in school so I don't have to worry about cooking during the week. Nom Nom Paleo's Asian Meatballs http://nomnompaleo.com/post/39832097367/whole30-day-6-asian-meatballs The Unrefined Kitchen's Lemon Chicken Bake http://www.unrefinedkitchen.com/2011/12/02/lemon-chicken-bake/ or a roast chicken/turkey with leftover sweet potatoes are all good places to start.

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