Paleo Summit Hack-a-thon: who will YOU review?

Commented on February 20, 2012
Created February 20, 2012 at 2:37 PM

Per my earlier post, look like folks are on for the Paleo Summit Hack-a-thon! To make this really work, the Hack-a-thon needs YOUR help. Here's the list of speakers. Please comment below signing up to be the primary 'reviewer' for a given speaker. This would involve:

  • watching the relevant presentation the day it becomes available
  • creating a post on PaleoHacks
  • titling it "Paleo Summit Hack-a-thon:" and including the speaker's name (e.g. Paleo Summit Hack-a-thon: Mark Sisson)
  • tagging it with the subject of the presentation and paleo-summit
  • writing your review of their presentation with a link back to the summit site for more

Let's try and get lots of folks involved, so please only sign up for one presentation (I signed up for Paul Jaminet's presentation). If we don't have 23 takers (hope that's not the case!) maybe folks can double up.

Let the Hack-a-thon begin!

Sunday, February 26

  • Mark Sisson ??? Author, The Primal Blueprint
  • Diane Sanfillipo ??? Author, Practical Paleo

Monday, February 27

  • Dr. Jack Kruse MD ??? Neurosurgeon
  • Sarah Fragoso ??? Author, Everyday Paleo
  • Erwan Le Corre ??? Founder, MovNat

Tuesday, February 28

  • Paul Jaminet, Ph.D. ??? Author, Perfect Health Diet [Beth Mazur]
  • Dr. Thomas O???Bryan ??? Gluten Sensitivity Expert
  • Matt Stone ??? Independent Health Researcher

Wednesday, February 29

  • Nora Gedgaudas ??? Author, Primal Body-Primal Mind
  • Mat Lalonde, Ph.D. ??? Research Biochemist, Harvard University
  • Amy Kubal, RD ??? Registered and Licensed Dietitian

Thursday, March 1

  • Denise Minger ??? Author, Death by Food Pyramid
  • Chris Kresser ??? Integrative Medicine Practitioner
  • Reed Davis ??? Founder, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Friday, March 2

  • Paul Chek ??? Founder, C.H.E.K. Institute
  • Dallas & Melissa Hartwig ??? Health Educators, Whole9 Life
  • Dr. Allison Siebecker ??? Naturopathic Doctor

Saturday, March 3

  • Dr. Catherine Shanahan MD ??? Author, Deep Nutrition
  • Keith Norris ??? Trainer, Efficient Exercise
  • Dr. Daniel Chong ??? Naturopathic Doctor

Sunday, March 4

  • Jimmy Moore ??? Podcaster, The Livin??? La Vida Low-Carb Show
  • Stephanie Greunke, RD ??? Registered Dietitian
  • Dean Dwyer ??? Blogger, Beyond Primal

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on February 20, 2012
at 07:20 PM

Ha! Glad the "Hack a thon" tag caught on :) I have to see what my schedule looks like over the next couple weeks (presentation next weekend plus bike race and possible visit to an area crossfit box the next) but I would definitely like to participate. Thanks for taking the lead on this one Beth!


on February 20, 2012
at 05:48 PM

Looking forward to this. Great idea Beth.



on February 20, 2012
at 03:26 PM

Great idea Beth. And good move taking Paul Jaminet's presentation :)

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