Searching for Recipes for Paleo-Friendly Cooking of Marijuana Edibles

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 30, 2013 at 10:28 PM

About a month ago I was forced into the paleo lifestyle head first because of recent discoveries of allergies to wheat, corn, rice, beef, pork, and bananas. Because of the many problems within the American medical system, it took nearly 5 years to discover the reason behind my constant nausea, vomiting, and all-around chronic pain. I had just turned 18 when the daily vomiting began progressing, and I am almost 23-years-old now.

I began smoking and vaporizing marijuana daily after about a year and a half of chronic nausea, and I 100% believe that the plant saved my life by allowing me to calm the continuous flu-like feeling for short periods of the day so that I could continue to go to school and live my life. I have extensively researched the medical benefits associated with THC, CBD, and the other cannabinoids, and I feel confident that the plant helps both my mental and physical health.

Because I now live solely on the paleo diet, I have had to switch from an on-the-go lifestyle of literally eating out every meal to stocking my fridge with healthy snacks and learning to cook. Despite now being able to power through my day without marijuana, I do enjoy a little towards the end of my day as a way to relax. Well, the other day as I was sitting there with my vapo Volcano bag and cooking Paleo pizzas, I suddenly realized that I should be adding one final ingredient to all of my new food concoctions: medical marijuana. But most of the recipes for cooking marijuana available online contain non-paleo type ingredients.

So finally, MY QUESTION: Does anyone know where to find paleo-friendly marijuana cooking recipes? Or would anyone be interested in getting a group together so we can create a forum to post our paleo weed recipes after we experiment and create them?

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on January 31, 2013
at 01:19 AM

Thc is extracted the best in coconut oil. So just follow a paleo brownie or baked good recipe and they come out pretty damn potent


on January 30, 2013
at 11:38 PM

Not a fan of weed or pot-based foods; however, have many friends who are. Here's a simple solution for you:

  1. melt butter or ghee in a saucepan on the stove
  2. add ground up weed and simmer for a while
  3. pour the pot-butter through a fine sieve into a jar to cool/solidify
  4. after solid, put in fridge

Use it how you would butter. QED


on January 31, 2013
at 01:30 AM

Here you go. I do this a couple times a month and it is THE best way to make edibles.

First, find a recipe. Any recipe that uses butter or coconut oil and doesn't cook over 350. Stopetop is pretty much out, unless you add this coconut oil after cooking. Which is entirely possible.

Second, measure out the appropriate amount of coconut oil (1:1 for the recipe's butter).

Boil enough water to cover the reefer. Don't grind it, waste of time.

Add the coconut oil directly into the boiling water. After it's all melted, throw the weed right into the boil. This sounds wrong but trust me.

Boil this for a few hours, make sure to add water as needed to keep from drying.

After that I strain it through an old t-shirt. Rinse the pan and strain that water, too. Twist the shirt into a greased weed ball and twisttwisttwist until you can't twist no more.

Stick it in the fridge overnight and VOILA!! You'll have a stinky green coconut oil disc exactly the right amount for your recipe.

Obviously you'll have to figure out portion and dosage for yourself. Enjoy, I know I do...



on January 31, 2013
at 01:17 AM

Why not use it as you would in non-paleo recipes?? For instance, the stereotypical brownies- just make almond butter "paleo" brownies instead of regular wheat and white sugar brownies? Pretty much goes for any sort of baked good.

Heh, heh... "baked" good. Sorry.

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