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Answered on March 25, 2012
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Recent Longitudinal Study: Red Meat and Higher Mortality

I love seafood and eggs but I'm still a little scared of red meat.

What do you guys think of this article:


"In separate analyses of processed and unprocessed meats, the group found that both types appear to hasten death. Pan said that at the outset, he and his colleagues had thought it likely that only processed meat posed a health danger."

I think red meat is just fine in small amounts, but people here tend to use it on a regular, if not daily basis. I don't know if it is the decades of media frenzy being shoved into my face, but the above article seems to be conducted by fairly reputable scientists. I know someone is going to say that "correlation doesn't equal causation" but come on, then NO study out there with retrospective research would be considered valid. I just think it's important to try and stay up-to-date and to consider what others out there are saying. I realize that it doesn't differentiate between how the animal was raised. Do you think that pasture raised animals wouldn't have this kind of relationship? I've seen many posts about people being okay with "regular" ground beef and bacon.

I've just heard so much good stuff on HERE about red meat, but I was wondering if I could get recent links or something. I'm really afraid of conventional grain-fed beef/pork, but am open to grass-fed. But right now, I'm not sure if the pros will outweigh the possible cons if I can just eat all my proteins from seafood and eggs and my fats from those sources and coconut oil.

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