Paleo lifestyle and having a busy lifestyle

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 19, 2013 at 4:41 PM

Trying to figure out has anyone been successful at the Paleo lifestyle and has a busy lifestyle because of their job or business? Are there ways to quickly make meals and snacks without taking up a lot of time? Also if I travel a lot for my business are there substitutes while I am traveling?


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on April 19, 2013
at 04:55 PM

Do a weekly cookup that covers all the food you will need for (at least) lunch for the week, and ideally breakfast, too. Depending on the nature of your travel, this could stil work if you travel often. If you enjoy cooking, like we do at my home, allow yourself time to cook a fun, but quick, dinner nightly. Sincerely, this habit has been a major boon my life: eating healthy almost every meal, and saving lots of time. I invested in one glass-lock type container that I can reheat food in (w/o the plastic locking lid) in a microwave in a pinch, and I have a travel set of silverware I keep in my bag, in case I need to use it.

For travelling, you really just need to do the best you can do with restaurants and delivery. Salads with extra portions of meat and fish on them are easy at restaurants, and it may mean eating hotel-bacon and fruit (I still don't trust powdered eggs) for breakfast.



on April 19, 2013
at 06:30 PM

I spend less time cooking paleo than I did cooking SAD. But I've been cooking for 20 years. If you have some experience with cooking, it's a breeze. If you've been relying on prepackaged convenience food-ish meals, there could be a learning curve.

It doesn't take any longer to scramble an egg, or heat up some sausage, than anything else (well, except maybe grabbing a granola bar!). A quick dinner for us is some steak or chicken sauteed in a pan with kale, and some sliced tomatoes. Less time than boiling pasta.

You can search this site for lots of ideas on quick snacks - trail mix, coconut chips, beef jerky (or my favorite, Snack Sticks from US Wellness). It takes some time to figure it all out, but it's definitely possible.

Travel can be a lot trickier, but still possible if you're willing to make some compromises when needed. I usually end up eating a lot of fajitas, minus the tortillas.

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