IFing, fitness, Paleo... do I really need to count macros?

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created March 23, 2013 at 5:01 PM

Basically wondering if I'm IFing, making sure my calories are high (to gain weight- looking to gain weight in muscle specifically), making sure I'm getting adequate protein, and moving every day- do I really need to watch my macros to see results?

The macros I'm supposed to be on for IF are a bit weird, for me- I always hit or go over my protein (which is fine, I'm not complaining about that). In terms of fat (can also easily hit it, but I go over usually... problem?) Carbs (I can't eat enough of them- I get WAY too full..)

... what do I do? Does it make a huge difference?

I remember reading somewhere about how IF macros are a bit different on Paleo- as in, carbs are usually slightly lower because of no grains. I'm not about to stuff my face with 5 sweet potatoes in order to get my carbs, so my question is whether the macros make a difference, and whether it is indeed different on Paleo.

I know I rambled a bit. Thank you in advance.



on March 23, 2013
at 06:52 PM

I was talking about LeanGains. Thank you!



on March 23, 2013
at 05:45 PM

+1 for differentiating between IF and LeanGains, which is a specific form of IF. All around good answer too though.



on March 23, 2013
at 05:10 PM

I'd recommend eating less fibrous carbs.

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on March 23, 2013
at 05:06 PM

Well, to clarify IF has nothing to do with macronutrients. If you're talking about LeanGains then you're also going to want to incorporate what's known as macro cycling. High carb low fat on workout days and low carb highER fat on rest days. Protein is high on both days.

It's worth doing a little research, but in general programs that incorporate well planned cycling of macronutrients tend to produce better results than just cutting one out (for example, eating almost no fat) or trying to lose fat and build muscle by eating low carb.

Again, this leads to whether or not you're just fasting for health and fat loss or if you're doing a LeanGains style protocol. If it's the former, don't worry about macros at all. If you're trying to recomp or bulk or cut via LeanGains then yes, eating very high carb on training days is an important element.

Edit: Sorry I missed part of your question. If you're talking about being able to take in a large amount like 300 or more grams of carbs in a day (which is normal on LeanGains) you have two options 1) Eat sweet potatoes and incorporate fruit to hit those numbers without throwing up 2) Incorporate frosted flakes or some other non-paleo item to get the job done. I'm not suggesting this is what you should do, and starchy carbs are better in my opinion, but other than varying your sources there's not much room around this issue. I have found over time your stomach can adapt to eating large amounts of potato or rice - this has worked well for me but it's not for everyone.

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